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January 2013

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    Hello from the
Schooner Heritage!

Hi Shipmates,
Hope this 2013 winter is treating you well.  Our fall and winter has been very busy.  
We had a wonderful road trip this fall driving to California in our 1984 Excalibur -- 8,644 miles.  Lots of great scenery and sightseeing.  We went to see the giant redwoods and to Sequoia National Park to see the oldest and largest trees in the world.
Giant Sequoia General Lee
Capt. Linda next to General Lee, a giant sequoia, the 12th largest tree in the world.
Memorial Bridge from Hoover Dam
Memorial Bridge from Hoover Dam
Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon, and White Sands National Monument were among the places we visited as well as several museums.
Driving through White Sands National Monument
Driving through White Sands National Monument
We had lots of adventures as we added 10 more to the list of states we've visited. We were away from Rockland for 26 days, longer than ever before!
Capt Linda all smiles after a long trip
Capt Linda, home and all smiles after a long trip.
Capt. Doug decided he had a "weather window" to work on the outside of our house in early December.  Just so we didn't have a repeat of last winter with Doug recovering from a broken leg, we borrowed a "manlift" that our neighbor offered.   No ladders and no falling this year.  The project is finished, the house looks great and Doug is fine.
We've been enjoying the fireplace this winter.  These past few days have been quite cold -- not a mild winter like last year.  It's too cold to work on the schooner now, we'll wait until spring.  Jan, our first mate from last season, got all the small boats varnished and ready for the 2013 season.  Most of the other small sanding, varnishing and painting projects are completed.
The Heritage is getting her share of attention this winter.  We're taking good care of her and keeping her pretty.  All the sails are being checked over by our sailmaker in East Boothbay.  He suggested we have a new jib topsail.  We said, "Sure," and in less than three weeks it was all ready to be picked up at his loft.



Last month, this was Shary's view from her corner of the world here at the Shipyard.  
 Christmas at the Shipyard
While the trees and lights have been taken down now, she still has plenty to look at out her window: ducks, loons and a few fishing boats as they head back to their moorings.  She would be happy to talk with you about your trip this coming season.  Please give her a call.
Stay warm,



Schooner Heritage
celebrating her 30th year