You've hit your summer schedule by now. School's out, and schedules have changed. You may have even had to call off small group because so many members are going to be out of pocket.

And you've begun asking yourself, "Should we even keep meeting this summer?" It sure is a lot of work to rally the troops each week. And where are we going to host it, since so many people are gone? And how are we going to pry people away from summer activities? Should we work to pull them away from family time? 
Yes! Power through the summer, meeting each and every week, and shame the people who can't make it. Make them feel like they don't love Jesus if they don't show up every week. 
Or, wait...
Maybe there's a more important question you should be asking. One that just may shift the way you think, not just about the summer months, but about small groups in general. A question that's probably not on your radar, but if you're going to be an effective leader, it should be. 
A question you need to ask right now. And deeply wrestle through to find the answer.
The question  
It's time to dig deep. Steve Gladen, who started the entire Small Groups Network, asks the question, then offers some solutions.
Do. Not. Miss. This. It's right HERE.
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Keep trudging forward. The work you're doing is worth it.
Whatever you do, don't lead alone.

--The Small Group Network Team