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Love Sells

What You Should Know about this Holiday

Steve Gladen

by Steve Gladen


Marketers love to capitalize on holidays like Valentine's day. 


They're aiming for the "heart" (pun intended) of what we want, and they're doing it well.


Are you marketing "love" to your small group? Steve gives 25 practical ways to impact your group.



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40 days of love

40 days of love

by Rick Warren


 Looking to engage your small group with some strong curriculum?



40 Days of Love -- Spiritual Growth Campaign
40 Days of Love -- Spiritual Growth Campaign
Pick up the book, DVD, and study guide for your small group HERE. 



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Love Sells
40 Days of Love
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Motivating group members to love
Are you motivating your group members to love?
by Rick Howerton
Want an example of what perfect love looks like? Look no further than the Trinity: God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
But how do we use this to motivate our group members to love each other?
Read this article that oozes with practicality from small group expert Rick Howerton.

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Loving the invitation
Does your small group love to invite others?


Did you enjoy the advertisements for the Super Bowl?


Let's peel back the curtain that some marketers used to help consumers become participants, and not just spectators, in the ads they ran during the Super Bowl.


There may just be a thing or two you can apply to your small group


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Love: The Gospel
Here is a short clip you can show to your small group/leaders.

Matt Chandler - Jesus Wants the Rose
Matt Chandler - Jesus Wants the Rose

How are you helping people feel safe sharing their faith story?

Is your small group one where anybody would feel welcome? How do you know?

Who are you loving that is "unlovable"? Why is this important for your heart?

Celebrate love
Is your group celebrating love well?

Do you eagerly wait for Valentine's Day? Or find it one of the most awkward holidays on your calendar?

Here are 4 ways you can celebrate and honor love with your group!

Group Talk
Group Talk 3
Last month
Did you miss last month's Group Talk? Download and listen to Rick Howerton talking about choosing the right small group curriculum right HERE!

Rethinking your Coaching Infrastructure
with Ron Wilbur & Mike Mack



"Coaching" is about caring for the health of your Small Group Leaders and their groups.  It is SO important and at the same time SO frustrating. In my opinion it is the hardest Small Group nut to crack.  This is such an important element of our ministry that GroupTalk is devoting the next three months to this topic. 


We would love to answer all your specific questions concerning this topic, so please, email your questions to us in advance or during the call at grouptalk@smallgroupnetwork.com 


Conference Call Details:

Date: Thursday, February 14th  

Time:  1:00 PM (ET); 12 Noon (CT); 11:00 AM (MT); 10:00 AM (PT)

Dial-in-number:  1-626-677-3000 

Participant Access Code:  24247




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The Small Group Ministry Show

Behind the Scenes with Saddleback & Willow Creek 


Don't miss the latest Small Group Show episode!


In this episode, hear how one pastor from Indian Creek turned his sermons into a book which became a small group study and a church-wide campaign. Also hear from Rick Warren on "You Belong to a Family". 


Also, Scott Boren and Randall Neighbour teach on Missional Groups.


[Watch this show]


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