Proof of Heaven: A Review 

You may have heard of Dr. Eben Alexander's book,Proof of Heaven, which has sold 2 million copies. I recently read the book and wrote a review for the "Helping Parents Heal" newsletter, which I'm sharing below.

More recently, an article appeared in Esquire magazine that attempted to disparage Dr. Alexander and discredit the account of his near-death experience. I read this article and saw it primarily as a an attempt at a character assassination. While the article raised a few legitimate questions it was completely unbalanced and didn't afford Dr. Alexander a chance for a full rebuttal. I don't know anyone who has lived a stain-free life (myself included) and Eben addressed many of his personal foibles in the book, yet the article would make you think he was hiding these issues. I've met Dr. Alexander twice and found him to be a very genuine and caring person.

Follow this link to read my review of Proof of Heaven.
For those who want to know more about the Esquire article, I suggest visiting this link which provides a balanced account.  

Proof of Heaven Cover
Affordable Mediumship Readings  
People often contact me looking for qualified mediums. I'm glad to help, but a few of the mediums I know charge higher fees than what some people can afford. If this describes you, I am happy to share the following option.

Todd Hogan is just beginning his work as a professional medium, yet he's had these abilities all his life. I know his character and I trust Todd immensely, but I still insisted that he conduct two test readings before I would recommend him. He did a great job on both sessions, so I am now comfortable sharing this information with you. Since he is just starting out, Todd will conduct a one-hour reading for just $75 and if you are not satisfied he will refund your money. I can't think of a more fair and honest approach for someone starting out in this field. To set up a reading appointment, email Todd at [email protected] or you can reach out to me for his phone number.  
Todd Hogan  

New books I'm endorsing
I can't remember a time when so many good books on afterlife evidence were released. Here are three of my current "must read" picks. Also, my new book, Messages From The Afterlife will be released in December, 2013.

Things You Can Do
Tricia Robertson is one of the world's leading researchers in the field of parapsychology and I'm proud to call her my friend. Although she is a scientist, Tricia wrote a book the average person will find very readable and compelling.
deals with Tricia's own research so it is original material, not a re-telling of previously published research. To hear Tricia's recent interview on the Coast to Coast radio show click on this link

Through their weekly newsletter, The Friday Afterlife Report, Victor Zammit and his wife Wendy have made it their mission to share information supporting the afterlife with people across the globe. As a retired attorney, Victor knows good evidence is key to winning any argument and that is exactly what this book, A Lawyer Presents The Evidence for The Afterlife contains . 

Donna Smith-Moncrieffe has taken a unique approach to researching mediums in Canada. Recognizing that there is an emotional component to successful psychic-medium sessions, she set up protocols that take this factor into consideration. She forgoes the rigid triple (or more) blind testing in lieu of more reasonable / less rigid controls. As a reward for her approach, Donna's sessions, conducted with top mediums, typically generate a large numbers of hits (specific statements), outweighing and overruling concerns over any potential for cold-reading. Donna's book,Medium 7 details her research.

To see a video of one of Donna's experimental sessions, click on this link

Event (East) 
John Holland
My friend John Holland is one of the top Psychic-Mediums in the U.S. and a super person too. He is conducting a seminar this November titled, From Grieving to Believing: The Soul in Transformation.
John will be partnering with grief authority, David Kessler who is a protege of Elizabeth Kubler Ross. 
If you need assistance in dealing with the loss of a loved one, you may want to consider this seminar.
To learn more, visit the event page
Event (West) 
White dove
Join Medium Jamie Clark and Author/Speaker, Lois Enochs on October 26, 2013 in Phoenix, AZ for a day focused on learning, developing your intuition, and witnessing spirit communication. For more information visit
 their event page
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