What does it mean to take ownership of one's work? To take ownership is to have a winner's mentality. The person who takes ownership is the person who, when asked to complete a task, doesn't worry if it's not in their job description. Doesn't wait until the last minute to complete it. Doesn't go looking for a reward. They just go above and beyond to get the job done, and are hungry for the next assignment. The person who takes ownership wants accountability because they take pride in what they do.
This is the kind of mentality that successful businesses foster. Companies that encourage their employees to take ownership of their jobs have more passion, more energy, get more results. If you provide the tools and medium in which your employees can go above and beyond, they will. It creates a cycle that feeds itself. Success breeds more success, and it its own reward.
Much of the reason Liba Fabrics is "Woven Into Your Success," is because we encourage our employees to take ownership of their work. When you call Liba Fabrics, whoever answers the phone will always do their best to assist you until the task has reached a successful conclusion. We care, and we own our work because we cannot be successful unless you are as well. Call us soon and let us prove it to you.

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