Good morning and Great news!

Liba Fabrics recently updated its entire catalog of fabrics and colors which was just launched on our website.  To compliment this new online Catalog, of all of our fabrics/colors, we now present a Fabric Feeler Card with samples of all Liba's Individual Fabrics.  Now you can see and feel all of Liba's Individual fabrics on one card.  This card has been updated to include our new fabrics Swag 118", and Diver Stretch.

You'll notice there are two rows of samples. The left-hand column contains our FR Fabrics, so now you don't have to guess. The individual fabrics on the Feeler Card are presented in the same order as the catalog for ease of use when looking for colors.

Do you want a new Fabric Feeler Card today?

Each member of your Team can have their own Feeler Card to keep as a reference on their desk, or to show off to customers as knowledge is profit.  Colors of all fabrics can be viewed on our website from you desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

Thank you for working with us, and please contact your sales representative for more details.


Please submit your high resolution photos of anything created using Liba Fabrics products to post on our website. If your photo is selected, you will get 10% off of your next Liba Order!

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