It may not be your cup of tea but "The Walking Dead" is a hit TV show. The premise of the show is that people die and then come back to life with a hunger for those still "fortunate" enough to be alive. The ones left alive then have to struggle to avoid "The Walking Dead" and to find others that are alive. This is just like your business!
We all have many customers who can't buy from you, or just don't order much from your company. You have to navigate around all of those "Walking Dead" customers to find those that are viable and of top importance to your company.
You need to avoid those "Walking Dead" customers, and join the ones who are alive and thriving. You need to focus on your best customers all the time in order to be successful!
The simplest method is to Grade your customers and prospects on an A, B, C, and D scale. The A's are your best or most alive customers/prospects and you need to make sure that you show them the proper amount of attention. The B customers/prospects also need your attention, but perhaps to a lesser extent. With the time you have left over in the day, focus on and grow your C customers. Avoid the D Customers who won't or can't buy from you!
Avoid the Dead, Join the Living, Grade your Customers/Prospects and become successful!
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