Warren Buffet is an American hero! In the worst of times, during the darkest hours of the financial crisis, he acted like a true leader - a beacon of light.

How did he do it? By showing us value in our economy and in our companies. He said "Price is what you pay and Value is what you get". This means that the value of the stocks were down dramatically during the crises but the true value of the company was worth much more and will present itself in time. What does this mean for us in our trades?
It means the exact opposite but both are true! Many times we are tempted by the lowest price in purchasing decisions. Do we take the lowest price and accept the lowest value? The price of the product or services we are buying is only one component of the transaction. Are we willing to accept a lower quality? Can we rest easily that the product or service will ship immediately and be delivered on time? When we order again will it be the same quality? Is the company your are purchasing from professional and easy to do business with? Let the buyer beware, because you usually get what you pay for, and don't get what you don't pay for!

Liba Fabrics is known for the best quality, service and pricing in the marketplace. With a friendly, eager staff, and automated billing, shipping and tracking, we have the people, processes and products in place to help drive your success and keep you satisfied. Satisfied because you know that value is more than a number, and what you come to expect from Liba. Please contact us with additional questions, inquiries, orders and remember that Liba Fabrics is "Woven Into Your Success".

Please submit your high resolution photos of anything created using Liba Fabrics products to post on our website. If your photo is selected, you will get 10% off of your next Liba Order!

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