Liba Fabrics is proud to reintroduce our MJS Spun Polyester line of fabric. It's made from Polyester but feels and looks exactly like Cotton (without the high price)! Use our MJS Spun Polyester wherever you would use a Duck, Twill, Blend or any other heavier weight cotton!

Our Spun is made using a special Japanese (Murata Spun Jet) machine which takes Polyester yarn and spins it into a fabric that looks and feels exactly like Cotton. In fact,  most of our customers simply call it their Cotton line but you know it's made from durable, washable polyester.

We stocking 50 colors and have the ability to dye custom colors and smaller dye lots in the USA.

Watch the video and give me feedback - only good feedback of course! More importantly sample our MJS Spun and add it to your line.

Please submit your high resolution photos of anything created using Liba Fabrics products to post on our website. If your photo is selected, you will get 10% off of your next Liba Order!

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