Liba Fabrics was started in 1962 right in the beginning of the "Mad Men" era. There were no computers, email, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, websites, Pinterest or Insta-whatever. Businesses and people worked together face to face or voice to voice. The technology boom hit in the 1990's and businesses were off to the races riding the Tech Wave through all its phases. Companies now cannot spend enough money and time on websites, posting, tweating, linking, connecting, emailing etc. Liba Fabrics has jumped in with both feet swimming with the big boys and I can tell you that for Our Trade the folks from Mad Men had it right. Technology is great but it's your people and "Boots On the Ground" that grow your business and profits.


I love technology and have all of the latest toys! Liba also has the latest and greatest server system, PC's and cutting edge software to serve us and our customers. That infrastructure building is money very well spent, a joy to use and not what I am discussing is this blog.

What's murky is all of the Social Media spending for Google Adword, Facebook Advertising, Postings, Blogging, Texting, Emailing etc. How do you measure the results and returns?

What I've found over the last few years is that Our Trades are all about people speaking to one another. When people speak "Great Things Happen". You cannot have a productive conversation by email and texts! All of the great idea's, the AH-HA moments, solutions to problems, ways to improve business, occur when people meet and or speak together. Email's and Text's are one dimensional while conversations are multidimensional and full of life. Have you ever seen or even heard a person smile with a text? 

While I love Social Media, "Boots On Ground" will make you successful.

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