The Voyage of the Eagle

Welcome Back to School!
"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work" -- Thomas Edison
Clayton Valley Charter High School is excited to begin another Back to School month celebrating Year 5.  Throughout our first years, we have observed an incredible transformation of our school and are fortunate for the teachers, coaches, counselors and parent volunteers who are an instrumental part of our special community. 
I hope each of our families enjoyed a relaxing and memorable summer break. For many of our new and returning students, summer was an opportunity to participate in academic programs for remediation, support or enrichment.  Thomas Edison's' quote is one of my favorites because it clearly defines the difference between successful people and those who will struggle. Opportunities abound at CVCHS!
College Preparedness and Summer Bridge to Success programs are designed to prepare all incoming freshmen with an opportunity to get ahead in Writing, Reading and Pre-Algebra or learn valuable time management and organizational skills.  The programs address remedial and accelerated work in order to serve both high and low performing students. 
Summer Geometry Acceleration is focused on students entering the 10th grade. Students were selected based on their high performance in Algebra 1.   Our goal is to provide fast-paced learners with the ability to complete the required course and potentially move on to either Algebra 2 or Trigonometry for the next school year. 
Summer Credit Recovery allows students to take classes online that they have failed or want to make-up due to an earned "D".  Once completed, students take final exams on campus.  Approximately 250 students attempted one or two courses during the summer. 
CVCHS is the only regional public school which offers the support and encouragement for new and returning students eager to advance their academics during the summer.  CVCHS owes a special thanks to our professional teaching staff and the leadership of Jennifer Buschmann and Nikki Ryan who administer these important remediation, support and enrichment programs. 
As we prepare to embark on another academic year, I look forward to partnering with our parents to nurture the ongoing development of your child. Whether you are new or a returning family, I welcome you as part of the Ugly Eagle family and hope you become involved in our outstanding school.
CVCHS sponsors numerous events and activities for our new and returning students. Each is designed to build a connection among our students and to fulfill our school's vision that every child lives in a world where they feel safe, loved and celebrated in a positive learning environment. 
CVCHS owes special thanks to Sarah Lovick, our Link Crew leaders and school counselors for their tireless efforts hosting amazing activities at Freshman Transition Week.  This group of dedicated staff and volunteers provide the support and encouragement for all of our new freshmen students to become a proud Ugly Eagle!

As Executive Director, I'm often asked by parents and students alike: Why does high school transition matter? My response is: Because freshmen are the largest at risk population in schools. Consider these national statistics:
  • More students struggle in 9th grade than any other grade as transition to a larger high school can be challenging for some.
  • Most of the students who end up dropping out of high school fail at least 25% of their ninth grade courses, while 8% of high school graduates experienced the same difficulty.
  • Low attendance during the first 30 days of the 9th grade year is a strong indicator that a student will drop out.
Here at CVHCS, we offer a unique transition program providing a structure to connect upperclassmen to underclassmen.  It includes effective training and the necessary support to make the relationship meaningful and allow new students to focus on school, rather than wondering if they're going to fit into their new academic environment.
To help freshmen succeed, we need to help them transition.  Link Crew's main goal is to address the fundamental needs of every student in order to understand the social, extracurricular, and academic climate of CVCHS.  Over the four-day process, new students participate in a variety of academic and social orientation activities to promote student safety, a sense of wellness, better communication among peers, and more importantly, to encourage students to think about the path they will take during the next four years, and beyond.
It continues to be an honor and privilege to serve as the Executive Director of such an exemplary and regionally-acclaimed public charter high school. So as we begin a new school year, CVCHS is ready to welcome our students and support their enthusiasm to take on new challenges in a new environment.
In Your Service,
David L. Linzey

Clayton Valley High School PFC | 1101 Alberta Way | Concord | CA | 94521