The Voyage of the Eagle
"Students don't care how much you know
until they know how much you care."

Clayton Valley Charter High School is committed to our mission that ensures each student graduates, is prepared for admissions to college and is prepared to become a first-class citizen with a world-class education. My motto continues to be: "Students don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."

This approach envisions that each student is nurtured by caring adults on campus and is known by name and by need. We have developed a key strategy of providing intensive support to our students who go off-track academically. Our Targeted Case Management (TCM) Program provides
strong adult-to-student relationships and enables us to foster academic rigor and relevance for all students. We offer a variety of intervention programs that support student success, and I would like to highlight our TCM Program which is demonstrating positive results that are "off the chart"! In this program, students with multiple D and F grades are paired with an academic counselor or school administrator, for the purpose of providing added academic support, accountability, and skill building for academic success. Research shows that students perform better when they know that adults on campus take an active personal interest in their academic growth and achievement.  
TCM staff meet regularly with each of their students to review grades, attendance, work habits, discipline, missing assignments, and to build a caring and supportive relationship. Grade printouts are reviewed and plans are developed to support the students including: after school tutoring with peers, attendance at their teachers' office hours, and/or test preparation help, etc. The school sends out introduction letters to every family so parents are aware who their child's TCM staff member is and to support school-parent communication and partnership in education. The school also sets up weekly automatic emails for every parent in the TCM Program, which show the student's current grades and attendance; if the family does not have an active email, then this information is mailed home.
The program has shown to be successful with approximately 75% improvement in D and F grades during Semester 1. After the first 5-week grading period, 461 students were identified with D's and F's; these totaled 1322 individual grades. Over 1000 course-specific grades were improved by students by the end of first semester. Of the 1322 grades that were D's and F's at the end of the semester, over 700 had improved to a grade of C or above.  We know Rigorous instruction, Relevant application of lessons, and nurturing Relationships with students are the keys to making sure students are college bound and career ready. The results prove that solid relationships are what encourage and empower students to embrace the rigor and relevance of the knowledge they need to be globally competitive in the 21st century.   

I am proud of the results of our TCM Program which have confirmed this belief and is just one of the reasons why parents choose Clayton Valley Charter High School for a quality education for their children. Academic success is the top priority for CVCHS and we know that this college prep rigor can be attained via supportive relationships between caring educators and students. It is especially wonderful to see the data we have achieved support the educational theories and programs that we implement.  Kudos to the counselors and school administrators who go the "extra mile" to connect with our most-needy students! You all make me so very proud of the work we are accomplishing every single day as a charter school. Students care when they know someone on campus cares and is watching over them!  This is how we accomplished a 97% graduation rate and a 94% college admissions rate last year. And we are on target once again this year!  CVCHS maintains the most difficult graduation requirements in the state while matching those with stellar graduation ratesNow that is something to be proud of!

In Your Service,
David Linzey
Executive Director

Clayton Valley High School PFC | 1101 Alberta Way | Concord | CA | 94521