The Voyage of the Eagle

"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls the butterfly."
- Richard Bach
It is my pleasure to invite our CVCHS family to celebrate Year 4 of Clayton Valley Charter High School! CVCHS has undergone the four stages of metamorphosis into a beautiful Monarch butterfly. Year 3 was the third stage whereby we transformed out of the Pupa (Chrysalis); the caterpillar is rapidly changing within the chrysalis and undergoing a remarkable 'metamorphosis' to become a beautiful butterfly. We are now ready, for the final and fourth stage of a butterfly's life cycle. Get ready to fly... Year 4, the best is yet to come!
When you step on campus you can feel the excitement in the air!
We successfully opened the school year witnessing happy kids with smiling faces and a spirited staff excited to be back to school. Special thanks to Sarah Lovick, Link Crew leaders and our Counselors, for all the amazing hosted activities during Freshman Transition Week. This group of dedicated staff and students provided the support and encouragement for all of our 500 new freshmen kids to become a proud CVCHS Eagle! This year's senior class was our very first freshman class in 2012, when we initially opened our doors as a new charter. We have so much to celebrate!
This week, August 24-27, we sponsored our fourth annual "Challenge Day" program for our entire sophomore class of 450 students along with 25 adult volunteers and trained Challenge Day professionals. For the past 3 years, CVCHS students participated with parents, counselors, teachers and community leaders to discuss sensitive issues surrounding teasing, bullying, and stereotyping. The bonds established this week will carry our students throughout their years of high school with a network of supportive friends and staff to look out for one another.
We are indebted to Susanne Renner for her leadership in paving the way for our students to participate in this life changing experience. Susanne is a CVCHS parent leader and instrumental for organizing the Challenge Day program. She says, "Challenge Day provides our students with tools for peaceful conflict resolution and how to express emotions in a healthy way. As a result, it builds empathy and community on campus by igniting a movement of compassion and positive change." By the end of the program, students make a commitment to creating change on campus and in their community. The entire program is both inspiring and awakening!
Challenge Day is designed to build a connection among our students and to fulfill Clayton Valley's vision that every child lives in a world where they feel safe, loved and celebrated in a positive learning environment. It is more than a weeklong program - it is a lifelong program that provides our students with the 'know-hows' to tear down the walls of separation and to leave with goals effecting positive change in the school community for years to come. I invite you to join me with our students in this challenge.
"Be The Change you wish to see in the world." - Gandhi
In Your Service,
David Linzey
CVCHS Executive Director