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December is so much fun when you have a football championship team! While 99% of high school football games have come and gone for other schools, CVCHS is still fighting for a State Championship ring. It truly is unbelievable that CVCHS has won two North Coast Championships in the past three years as a charter school. And the other year (last year) we barely lost in the semi-finals. This is a football dynasty by nearly every measure!


The impact of a championship football program is incredible! The marching band with all of our outstanding band members along with the 70 cheerleaders and all of their friends and then the two thousand students and community members who come out to support our team is just phenomenal! The "Blue Crew" student fan section has been a tremendous boost to the support of our football team. Thank you Lisa Ihle for overseeing this part of our fan base!


I want to congratulate our athletes first and foremost who begin their heavy practice schedule at the beginning of June and demonstrate their dedication all summer long and then throughout the entire first semester. They practice every day and study game film on Saturdays too! But here is something you may not know....they have well over a 3.0 GPA average for all players combined! As of today, it is right at about 3.3 GPA! Come on now! You have got to give it up to our football team for their dedication on the field and in the classroom!


This is the most impressive football season in the history of not only CVCHS, but also in the history of CVHS as we are currently 14-0 and ranked #1 in the state of California Division II. If we win this Saturday night vs. Oakdale (at home 7:30 PM), we will be headed to the state championship game at the StubHub Center in Carson the following weekend. So please come out to the game to support your home town champions and send them off to the state championship game!


You can purchase tickets at school by Thursday noon or purchase at the gate. We want to show our football team what home town support looks like when we have 4,000 fans at our stadium Saturday night. Parking will be tight but we are arranging overflow parking at the Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints just down the road from the school as well as at the Lutheran Church across the street from school and even at Cal State East Bay extension. We are providing 900 seats behind the home end zone for a special crowd to go wild and go loud! Please be a part of that.


I want to close this congratulatory letter by giving proper recognition to one of the greatest high school football coaches in the nation - Head Coach Tim Murphy! He has taken our "Ugly Eagles" to heights unseen and brought so much school spirit to CVCHS. His coaching staff is second to none as their dedication, teamwork, high standards and passion for excellence sets our program apart as truly one of the great high school football programs in the state! 


I would also be remiss if I did not thank our Marching Band and Cheer Team for their unsurpassed dedication, commitment to excellence and support of our football team. Joe Scott, Instrumental Music Director is outstanding in his leadership of the band and Mary Ann Quinn and Alicia Farr are stellar in their leadership of the Cheer Team. Thank you all for your hard work and providing such great leadership for our students! Should we make it to the state championship game, I am committed to bringing them with the football team as they are a key part of our success!



 In Your Service,


Dave Linzey