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Summer is in the air! School is almost out! Graduation is around the corner...


Senioritis is epidemic and another outstanding class of seniors is about to graduate and venture off to places near and far. As an educator I get very sentimental about now. We look at these seniors that we have come to know and love and hope that we have done all that we possibly can to make their education at CVCHS life-changing. The staff of CVCHS invest our lives into our students, often wondering if we made a difference. We invest our hearts and minds, trying to create great lessons to make effective application to the students' day-to-day lives. We reflect back on this year to celebrate the fulfillment of our mission to provide our students rigorous instruction that is relevant to their personal lives, and to establish the building blocks of relationships that will have an impact for a lifetime. We love reaching kids so that we can teach them through our lessons and actions how to be successful in the next phase of life. Then they graduate and venture off to the local colleges and the great universities across the nation. We are proud and thrilled for their next adventure, but can't help but worry about them too.


Of course, one of the great things about being an educator is the cyclical process. After summer break, the underclassmen will return and we have another shot at making a difference in their lives. When we see them in the fall, we are always excited to begin the adventure all over again!


Graduation also provides a wonderful opportunity of reflection for our entire CVCHS family. Together, through our "blood, sweat, and tears" we have supported this school and have so many accomplishments to celebrate since our grand opening only two years ago:

  •  The highest academic growth in the state last year for large high schools - 836 API
  • 95 % of our seniors will graduate this year
  • 97% college going rate
  • We have added quite a few additional Advanced Placement courses to challenge our students and hope to continue to provide even greater opportunities
  • We have implemented a comprehensive professional development program to expand our use of technology, instructional strategies, and lesson application to support our teachers
  • We completed one of the most successful WASC accreditation processes resulting in stellar reviews from our WASC Visiting Committee and Dr. Wong, WASC Chair
  • Implemented our Measure C facilities bond program to enhance technology in classrooms and improve facilities
  • Expanded our powerful parent volunteer program to support our great high school
  • Developed a comprehensive Counseling and Guidance program providing personal College and Career plans for every student along with a high school graduation plan

It has been my privilege to have the opportunity to steer the ship in the right direction another year as we continue on the road from "Good to Great", or as we now say, from "Great to Greater!" Together we will continue to overcome "bumps in the road" and will keep our eye on the prize... the education of the hearts and minds of our youth.


Let me share with you two of my favorite quotes:


"Only through focus can you do world class things, no matter how capable you are."


                                                                                    Bill Gates


I like this quote, as excellence in academics, athletics, and the arts or even in relationships comes through focus. What we focus upon, we can achieve. We cannot allow distractions to deter us from our focus and purpose of existence as an educational lighthouse. Together we must have a concentrate on providing a world-class education to the students we serve. This is our calling and our purpose for existence.


"Shoot for the moon and if you miss, you will land among the stars."



Excellence is a choice. Aiming high and focusing on achievement leads to great success. I wish a wonderful summer break for each of our graduates and for our underclassmen. When they return to school refreshed and reinvigorated, whether it is at college or here at CVCHS, I encourage them to choose excellence. If they commit to that choice, success will surely be theirs!