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October 2013

In this month's newsletter you will find:

Protecting Our Most Valuable Natural Resource

Iraqi University Professors Visit USC

Board Members Being Recognized

Around Town Events of Interest

Upcoming International Visitors in October

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Protecting Our Most Valuable Natural Resource
A project for Brazil
What do Southern California and Northern Brazil have in common? Both regions are facing water crisis due in large part to the relatively low mean rainfall per year.

The World Bank has taken a great interest in supporting Northern Brazil, one of the poorest areas in the country, with robust water management systems to benefit millions of its' inhabitants. Last month, the World Bank funded a project for eleven senior level governmental officials from Brazil to visit the Western United States to tour water infrastructure and to meet with officials and managers of the institutions that govern these projects, facilities, and initiatives. The purpose of this exchange was to learn from the successes in the U.S. and use these lessons and best practices to inform how Brazil manages its' water resources.

Clean accessible water is a commodity that all the world's people need. Working together with our friends around the world to manage what has been coined "blue gold", is essential in overcoming the impact of recurrent droughts and preventing water wars between nations.

Iraqi University Professors Visit USC
by Luodanni "Denni" Chen

Ever since I joined IVCLA as an intern, I have always wanted to meet international visitors. Unfortunately, I was never able to find time for it in addition to juggling school and work. Now I am a part-time project assistant in the office and draft the itineraries for the visitors. Finally, this August, when the fall semester had just begun at USC and I was still relatively free, I had the opportunity to meet with a group of university professors and administrators from Iraq.

These international visitors were invited to the United States on the topic "Promoting University Linkages." The program we designed for them in Los Angeles included visiting USC, UCLA, and West Los Angeles College. As a Trojan, I was very excited to meet them at USC and show them around my campus. Eleven accomplished scholars all with Ph.D. degrees, I would be lying if I said I wasn't stressed at all before meeting them, but they turned out to be very approachable and friendly professors. While I was taking them on a tour of the USC campus, we talked about things ranging from my experiences being an international student here in the United States to my opinions of the US-China relationships, from my studies in International Relations to my future plans and ambitions.

The visitors had two meetings at USC, one with the USC Rossier School of Education and another with the USC Office of Global Initiatives.
I was surprised by the sophistication of Rossier's online graduate studies program, and the visitors as well. They were very enthusiastic about partnering with Rossier to set up customized programs especially for students in Iraq. Although there are only two Iraqi students studying at USC currently, one of the visitor said: "our goal is two thousand!"

I have never met or talked to people from Iraq before, but I certainly know some stereotypes of Iraq from media and class. Meeting the international visitors through IVCLA has made me realize how wrong stereotypes can be. Getting to know another country from an individual to individual level can change your perceptions toward the country, or at least its people.



Board Members Being Recognized
Guy Fox Guy Fox
Congratulations to IVCLA Board Member Guy Fox who was honored at the Maritime Industry Salute event aboard the Queen Mary on September 18th. He was honored for his 40+ years of leadership in international trade in Southern California. He remains actively involved in the international trade community, providing advocacy and leadership on issues that impact the transportation community, world trade and international education.


Wilma Pinder
We are pleased to announce that IVCLA Board Member Wilma Pinder will be inducted into the John M. Langston Bar Association's Hall of Fame on Saturday, October 26th. The John M. Langston Bar Association is the oldest and largest organization of African American Judges and Attorneys in California.
The Hall of Fame honors trail blazers who have made significant contributions to our legal community. 

Around Town Events of Interest
Wednesday, October 9th  
9:30 - 11:00 a.m. 
Breakfast Round Table
Market Opportunities in the Middle East & North Africa
Hosted by the National U.S Arab Chamber of Commerce

click here for more information about this event and details on how to register