Australian Studies


"Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It is already tomorrow in Australia."  

-Charles M. Shulz, American cartoonist


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Featured Australian Studies Books

Public Sociology: An Introduction to Australian Society
John Germov & Marilyn Poole
Public Sociology shows that Australians' lives are not solely determined by personal choices, demonstrating how a sociological gaze allows them to see the way their private troubles are connected to public issues. This book highlights the utility and application of sociology in professional and community life using real-world examples from Australia and across the globe. 
A Different Inequality: The Politics of Debate About Remote Aboriginal Australia
Diane Austin-Broos
An exploration of why both the right and left of politics have failed remote Aboriginal Australians and why, until policymakers and researchers take into account both cultural difference and inequality, we will not come anywhere near closing the gap. It looks beyond the dire living conditions, lack of employment opportunities, and misspent funds, to ask where the obstacles really lie.
Scorched Earth, Black Snow: Britain and Australia in the Korean War, 1950
Andrew Salmon
This is the untold story of the Australian and British troops who fought during the most desperate days of the war in the words of the men who came home. Dozens of new interviews with surviving veterans are used in this history of a conflict already approaching the edge of living memory. 
Thirty Australian Poets
Felicity Plunkett
In celebrating a burgeoning, vibrant, and talented group of Australian poets born after 1968, this anthology comprehensively details a groundbreaking generation that renewed and reinvigorated poetry in Australia. Exploring a 40-year body of work that has pushed the boundaries, it showcases a wonderful diversity of voices and styles, from reimagined versions of traditional forms to the experimental and avant-garde.
Red Dirt Talking
Jacqueline Wright
Set in the outback of Western Australia, this novel centers around the disappearance of Kuj, an eight-year-old girl, during a bitter custody battle. Annie, an anthropology graduate newly arrived from the city, is increasingly distracted from her work by the mysterious event. As Annie searches for the truth beneath the township's wild speculations, she find herself increasingly drawn towards Mick Hooper, a muscly, laid-back Australian man with secrets of his own.
Tarcutta Wake: Stories
Josephine Rowe
In short vignettes and longer stories, Josephine Rowe explores the idea of things that are left behind: souvenirs, scars, prejudice. These beautifully wrought, bittersweet stories capture everyday life in restrained poetic prose, merging themes of collective memory and guilt, permanence and impermanence, and inherited beliefs.

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