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You Are Much More Than a Machine!
Happy 117th Birthday Chiropractic!!!
Another Chiropractic Miracle From ADHD and Tourette's
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You Are Much More Than A Machine!
It's convenient to think of our bodies as finely tuned machines. But we are really much more than that. One of the main differences between us and a machine is that you and I are self-healing. Machines aren't. 
If you take all the parts of a car and assemble them, when you are through, you'll have a car.
But if somehow you had all the parts of a human body in a box and assembled them perfectly, you would have a body but you wouldn't have a human. You would be missing something the most important ingredient. 
That something is what chiropractors call Innate Intelligence.  It is that same something within us that created us, runs us and heals us 24/7.  
In fact, Innate Intelligence is working hard inside
Get those gears turning!
You're much more than this!
you right now to keep your heart beating properly, adjusting your body temperature, digesting your food, healing your bruises, creating 10 million new cells every second and literally trillions more actions without us even thinking about it.
This intelligence has been with us since before our birth, working quietly behind the scenes to keep us healthy every second of our lives.  

Unfortunately, as humans, we don't take very good care of our bodies. 

Through constant neglect and physical, chemical and mental stresses, we create nerve interference between the brain and the body.  This decreases Innate's ability to communicate from the brain to each of our tissue cells.

That's where your chiropractor comes in handy. She locates and removes the nerve interference in your spine, allowing the intelligence that made you in the first place to once again be able to communicate with the rest of the body. That's how true healing occurs.  And this healing is taking place constantly within you.

It's Not How You Feel, It's How You Heal! 

You see, the intelligence within you doesn't really need help to keep you just doesn't need any interference.
We really are more than the sum of our parts!  
Just be glad you're NOT a machine, but much more! 


Happy Birthday Chiropractic!!!



117 years ago this past week (September 18, 1895), Daniel David Palmer adjusted a janitor, named Harvey Lillard who had been deaf for 18 years. Almost immediately Harvey's hearing was restored and chiropractic was born.


During its infancy, over 700 chiropractors paid the price of our profession by going to jail for practicing chiropractic, but the profession survived because it was and still is based on a principle that Life and true healing comes from inside-out and if we are free from interference to our nerve system, this Life can better express itself through our bodies. 


Not to brag, but here are some other interesting facts about our profession:

  • Chiropractic is now the largest, drugless non-medical healing profession in the world.
  • Currently chiropractors practice in over 100 countries around the world.
  • There are approximately 65,000 chiropractors in the United States and another 13,000 around the world.
  • Statistics show over 40 million people have visited a chiropractor. You're not alone!
That's not too shabby for being a kid at only 117 years old! 


Speaking for our profession, we chiropractors know we have the greatest secret to health in the world. We also know that we wouldn't be where we are if it weren't for you telling others about the benefits of chiropractic care.  Please keep spreading the word and help us to help others through chiropractic.  We thank you very much for all you've done. Happy Birthday Chiropractic!



Another Chiropractic Miracle...Recovery From ADHD AND Tourette's Syndrome!
We often get letters from patients who have experienced the miracle of a chiropractic adjustment.  This one was an especially wonderful story.  Please read:

My son Jaron started having motor tics at the age of 4. I took him to see a Neurologist, they ran all sorts of tests, some of the test included a CT scans, and an EKG. 
Once all of the tests were performed they couldn't find anything wrong with Jaron, we were told his problems were due to stress. In 3rd grade Jaron developed vocal tics and was diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome along with ADHD. 

The tics began to affect his life, his study habits, and his physical movements while playing sports. Jaron was put on blood pressure medicine for his tics and I declined medicine to treat his ADHD this went on for 8 years. 

When I first started to take Jaron to see my chiropractor, I noticed that after his 3rd visit his ADHD had decreased dramatically and after the 6th visit we noticed that his tics had started to decrease and we started dropping his medication dosage. 

Since we started chiropractic care I have noticed that Jaron is able to complete his homework without requiring so many breaks to release energy that was caused by the ADHD. 

Jaron is a lot calmer and able to relax without the motor tic affecting him. Jaron looks forward to coming in every week for his adjustment; Jaron calls it his weekly relief! If we miss a week he lets me know he needs to go see the chiropractor. 
As a parent I URGE others to try chiropractic care before drugging your children which only mask the symptoms. I am positive that with continuing chiropractic care Jaron will soon be completely off of his medications.
As a side note, Jaron's coach told me that his baseball skills have improved dramatically lately. He was very impressed with whatever Jaron was doing.

Angela Ferguson Mother of Jaron Ferguson May 07, 2013
Do you know someone who could benefit from chiropractic?  If someone hadn't told Jaron's mom, can you imagine what Jaron's future would be?Please help by planting a seed.  You could save someone's life! 
Want to tell people about your experience? Send your story to us and we'll get it out there for you. The only way people will know how great chiropractic is, is if we show them! Thanks.


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