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Why In The World Would Anyone Go To A Chiropractor?
Why Children Need Chiropractic
The Power that Makes the Body is the Only Power that Can Heal the Body
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Why In The World Would Anyone Go to a  Chiropractor?
One of the most often asked questions chiropractors are asked is, "Why would I go to a Rick's picture chiropractor? My back doesn't hurt." 
So to answer that question, here is an inside look at what type of patients we see on a day in, day out basis.
1. Some patients have obvious back or neck pain and their first thought is "Go to the chiropractor. He's a back doctor." While it's true we use the spine for our work, we are not "back" doctors. It just so happens that the nerve system goes through the spine. Using the "back doctor" reasoning, if the nerve system traveled down your arm, would we be called "arm doctors"? 

2. Others have heard that we treat headaches, Sick people ulcers, asthma, bed wetting, colic, high blood pressure, etc. While thousands of patients totally recover from these conditions through chiropractic care every year, this is not the purpose of what we do.

3. Still others come because they don't like drugs or pill taker surgery and want to practice "natural health care" when "treating" their problems. This is great but in truth, chiropractic is even more than that.

4. Many people go regularly for maintenance and prevention. They might have originally came in because they had one or more of the above problems and chiropractic care resolved it.  They begin to realize that if chiropractic care could get them better, it can also keep them better. They understand how the nerve system works and want their body as healthy as possible. They also realize that it's a whole lot easier to stay healthy than to get healthy.

5. But the most important reason you should get checked regularly is this: If you have subluxationnerve interference, you're better off without nerve interference. It's that simple and it really doesn't matter what the state of your health is. 
Without nerve interference, your body functions better. You are naturally healthier, your human potential as a worker, athlete, mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, etc. is higher because your body is working at its full potential. And isn't that how you want to go through life?  

So just remember, whichever level of care you decide is best for you, if you have nerve interference, you're better off without nerve interference.  And thanks for telling others about chiropractic!


Why Children Need Chiropractic

Here's another example of what can happen when you remove nerve interference. All we ask is that you tell others. You just might save a life by doing so.

From Madison's mother: My daughter Madison age 7, had tingling
Madison , pain, and numbness in her fingers on both hands, and she couldn't grip objects and for a period of time. Madison also suffered from severe headaches this went on for 5 or 6 months. Madison went to doctors who scheduled her for a MRI, but couldn't help. This is why we sought care at a chiropractor's office. 
Since Madison started her chiropractic care she rarely has headaches and she had no more tingling in the mornings instead of pain everyday. 
Madison looks forward to getting adjusted and she loves to sign her name on the sign in sheet and be acknowledged as a young lady. Madison loves the doctors and staff and she wants to continue getting her adjustments so that she will remain healthy and active.

I would tell others that are considering chiropractic care that it truly does work over time. Just look at Madison, she is proof. 

Emily McLean (Madison's Mother)


The Power that Makes the Body, is the Only Power that Can Heal the Body
There is a super intelligence that made you in about 280 days.  It is the same intelligence that runs your body now, heals it and creates new tissue within you every Baby moment of your life, if it's not interfered with.  
Want to see a glimpse of this incredible power at work? Watch this and then ask yourself, "Should I rely on a pill or man made chemical or should I first make sure my nerve system is working properly in order to heal itself.  This is a MUST WATCH!  Click here to see this miracle!


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