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Meet the World's Greatest Drug Store and Its Resident Pharmacist
"Doc, Don't You Get Tired of Popping Backs All Day?"
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Meet The World's Greatest Drug Store and its Resident Pharmacist

Every day chiropractors hear from patients about the next wonder drug that can fix anything from a hemorrhoid to brain cancer. They've either seen it on TV or read about it in the National Enquirer so it must be true, right?

Unfortunately for all of us, we are bombarded almost every minute on TV, radio and print about these magical miracle pills and potions while little or no credit goes out to the World's Greatest Drug Store and its resident pharmacist.

Let's look at this example:

If you were walking around with a small stone in the heel of your shoe, sooner or later you would Feet begin to feel it. According to these "special news reports", you have many options to "treat" this hurting foot.  Included in these options are: 
A. Heating your foot
B. Icing your foot
C. Taking some steroids
D. Numbing it up with pain killers
E. Pumping it full of anti-inflammitories
F. Visiting a physical therapy and exercising it
G. Sticking a carrot in your shoe (better nutrition)  
H. Putting some Icy Hot on it
Or you could simply take the rock out of your shoe and remove the obstruction.

Now I know that's silly, but think about what is happening for a minute. In this scenario there is something that is interfering with your foot's ability to work properly. 
Because of this interference (the stone), your foot simply can't function the way it's supposed to function. Once the stone is removed though, your body immediately begins the healing process and soon your foot is well on its way back to 100%.

Now simply substitute whatever body part is ailing Nerve system plug you at this time for the foot. 
Perhaps there might be an interference somewhere in your nerve system (called a vertebral subluxation) that's prohibiting your body from working properly? 
As chiropractors, we look at health differently. We believe that your body is capable of being 100% healthy but this health comes from inside-out instead of outside-in, from your brain through the 45 miles of nerves in your body to each and everyone of your 100 trillion cells. 

By locating and removing obstructions to the autonomic nerve chart communication lines that have accumulated over time, your brain is able to once again transmit the correct messages at 100% and healing can begin.  
Now where's the world's best drugstore and pharmacist? It's already inside you and has everything you need to keep you healthy! Remember, this is the same stuff that made you in the first place!  And combined with your properly functioning nerve system, it will send exactly the right amount of chemicals to every single cell in your body, at the right time, and in the right amount.  Can your pill do that?

That my friend is what happens every time you receive a chiropractic adjustment!  Your chiropractor removes interference to the body's innate ability to create, run and heal itself on a daily basis of any disease known to man.  This intelligence doesn't need just doesn't need any interference. Stay healthy my friend!
Dr. Rick Franks


"Doc, Don't You Get Tired of Popping Backs All Day Long?

As chiropractors are often asked this question. We're also asked what it is we really do, how we got involved in chiropractic and why we do what we do?  


One of the leaders in the chiropractic profession, Dr. Jim Sigafoose, recently recorded a captivating video that shines a light on who we are and and how we work.
Take just a few minutes and watch this, it just might give you a much clearer picture of who you are and what this whole thing called LIFE is all about.  Click here to watch it now. I hope you enjoy it.


Have You Had A Good Laugh Today???
OK, I double dare you not to laugh at this short piece by the "Whose Line?" Funny Guys.  It's one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time so take a moment and go ahead and laugh.  I heard that it's better than medicine!


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