2013 Year End Report

Twenty thirteen was big year for both action and reflection for pit bull lovers everywhere. We're in heavy reflection mode in our own circles because BADRAP is about to celebrate its fifteenth birthday. And in that 15 year period - the lifespan of our founding dog Sally - we've watched a stunning shift from public disdain to positive acceptance for pit bulls across the country. Because that acceptance has been so widespread in recent years especially, we find ourselves ready to chart a new course for our organization to help meet a broader set of challenges. 


As our hero Nelson Mandela reminds: "After climbing a great hill, one only finds there are many more to climb." So true! Yes, pit bulls are America's darlings again and some of the most popular dogs in the country. But a stubborn housing crisis, lack of training resources and other vexing problems facing dog owners is nipping at our heels. Please join us in enjoying the current warm and lovely vista before the new year calls us to pull on those hiking shoes and embark on the hills that are waiting for us.


We've all come so far together. Thank you for being such an integral partner in the work to secure the future for these lovely dogs and the people who call them family. 


Warm Regards,

Donna Reynolds, Director BADRAP 

Our 2013 Year End Report - In Video Form
Because a picture is worth a thousand words: BADRAP 2013 Photo Tour 

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Rhonda meets a new friend at an Open House
a new Tipping Point in 2013!

So exciting ... In the past year, we enjoyed the strongest interest and quickest turn around on our Available dogs in the history of our group. We can credit some of this luck to more Open Houses and focused Facebook postings, but our bigger hunch is that the SF bay area has hit a new level of familiarity with the blockheads. We weren't surprised with Banfield Pet Hospitals called pit bulls out as the third most popular dog in CA. They're everywhere! Finally accepted as everyday, common place dogs, our conversations can simply stay focused on helping families identify the best personality for their lifestyle...As it should be! 


Where are the dogs coming from?

We spread our rescue net far and wide this year. Two dogs came to us from South Carolina 2013, one from Idaho, three from South Los Angeles County Animal Services, seven from Kern County, CA, three from Napa County, one from Shasta County, three from Santa Barbara AS, four from Yolo County AS, one from Sacramento County AS, one from Sacramento SPCA, two from Hayward AS, one from Fremont AS, two from Contra Costa AS and four from Berkeley Animal Care Services. 


Elton: A history maker from South Carolina!
Special dogs who made lasting impressions.
They're ALL special and each has a story. Elton (left) came to us from Walter M. Crowe Animal Shelter in South Carolina. After surviving a dog fighting case, he was one of the first pit bull cruelty victims this shelter has ever transferred to rescue. And what a great dog he is. This same shelter later sent us Faline, who won the most popular award in our corners. She had so many applications, our heads were spinning.  Kasbah was one of our behavior cases who came crashing in like hurricane, just in time to entertain two puppies while helping dog-grumpy Rhonda learn how to to play. Mighty Tiny was so not a pit bull, but our supporters loved him just the same - feisty attitude and all. And the year ended with shy dog Mosey making her debut and winning the hearts of everyone who heard her story.


 Medical focus in 2013: 

Idaho cruelty survivor Loredo was very ill from a life of neglect when he came to us and needed extensive care including exploratory surgery to remove obstructions. Senior dogs Sassy and Corndog came from a hoarding case in Southern CA and needed TLC including a mouthful of dental work. Mosey had an old foxtail deep in her ear. Former Vick dog Zippy blew out her knee and needed a TPLO surgery. Senior hoarding case survivors Alma and Jimmy needed steady care including a mass removal for Jimmy. Harpo needed some patching up after a life of neglect. In addition to these bigger medical cases, we spent close to $22,000 for vaccinations and spay/neuter surgeries for out outreach clients. All dogs are doing well thanks to the kindness of our donors who keep our vet bills in check. Thank you!


Improvements at our home base: 

In 2013, after three years of steady improvements, we enjoyed housing the dogs in a now-completed Rescue Barn - no major upgrades needed. Hooray! Instead, we used a generous grant from Lush Cosmetics

to build an obstacle course for the dogs. Called 'Dog Mountain,' this addition has been especially helpful to improving weakened dogs' balance,  focus and physical confidence. And besides, it's just plain fun for everyone.

Right: Farnam on the left came to us from a hoarding case with horribly atrophied legs after living in a dog crate for an untold number of difficult months. Good nutrition and daily exercise including climbs on 'Dog Mountain' brought his muscles right back into working order. Loni (right) was not comfortable with dogs when she first arrived, and used the equipment to play 'keep away' and hold an advantage over dogs until she felt comfortable with them.

A Meeting of the Minds - Sharing our Tool Bag in 2013


Sharing our best tricks and tips for helping the dogs with like minded animal welfare workers is a favorite part of our work. Pit Ed Camps kept us busy this year, as well as presentations at both the CA Animal Care Conference and the oh-so-inspiring New Mexico Humane Conference. We've also started updating our website to include our most popular materials specifically designed for animal shelters who are looking to improve their policies and programs that benefit all dogs, including the block heads.


The biggest mind meld happened at our first annual Rescue Jam in May, where sixty five rescue and shelter workers gathered at the Rescue Barn to discuss the future of rescuing and placing dogs identified as pit bulls. Two days of presentations, demonstrations and round table discussions had everybody asking for more. We look forward to a repeat in 2014.  



  A Special Project in Idaho

video We were called out to Idaho to give initial behavior evals of 65 dogs swept up in a dog fighting case. 

Info Link.  It was an emotional experience, captured in this VIDEO slideshow created by photographer Lori Fusaro. We're deeply indebted to the Idaho Humane Society for agreeing to house the dogs and for committing to their placements through to the end. They are our heroes.


A New Day in Toledo 

Our work brought us back to Toledo, Ohio this year to help with six very special history making dogs - the first group of pit bulls from a fighting situation to be evaluated for rescue placement in this county. Lucas County saw phenomenal change for the better thanks to the work of compassionate new Dog Warden Julie Lyle and her staff at Lucas County Animal Care and Control, rescue/advocacy group Lucas County Pit Crew and the help of a new, non-discriminatory behavior-based state law. It was an honor and a privilege to return to the chilly Toledo temps to help out where we were able. News Link 


We then left for a location in the southeast with a team of ten Badrappers to help a large group of pit bulls who've been swept up in a multi-state federal dog fighting raid that saved 367 dogs from a life of misery. News Link Our evaluations will help with placement decisions for the dogs as they are able to be released to rescues in upcoming weeks and months. 

Community Outreach and Dog Owner Support in 2013


Our very own spay/neuter van!
Affectionately dubbed 'the Nut Truck' and painted with inviting graphics by area artist Jesse Hernandez, our new (used!) spay/neuter van allows us to access under-served communities and bring resources straight to pet owners who otherwise would not find their way to area vets and spay/neuter clinics. We are thrilled to have this important tool as part of our mission to provide dog owner support and reduce unwanted litters. The van was purchased thanks in part to a gift from the Unexpected Pit Bull In 2014, we plan to use donations promised to improve the interior of the 22 year old van with cosmetic fixes and equipment upgrades so our vets can have the best we can offer.
We were especially busy with outreach events in West Oakland in 2013 and plan to hire a Spay/Neuter Coordinator in the new year to help us make the most of the opportunities that the van offers. This short video, created by filmmaker Joshua Izenberg, shows our team in action during an event held at the East Bay Rats Clubhouse. We love this work so much. Take a look!

Generous Partners

Many thanks to Dr. Noe, Beth Garland and the staff of Well Pet Vet Clinic, for helping us chip away at our spay/neuter goals in 2013 and beyond. We look forward to a busy new year together.

A Little Dog Makes a Big Wave


What a thrill it was to see Bad Newz Kennels survivor Jonny Justice spun into a plush toy for children everywhere to grow up with. The GUND doll made its appearance in late summer and sold out immediately in Nordstrom and other stores. Of course we had to have a big happy party to celebrate! Gund-A-Palooza photos. 
Looking to 2014


A Game Changer for Rescue: Keeping dogs IN their original homes

This dog represents our favorite 'rescue' of 2013, one that humbled us to a new level of understanding the core problems the dogs are facing. In late autumn, with temperatures dropping, we asked you for help to prevent a family of four plus their dogs - a pit bull mix and a 16 year old chow mix - from ending up on the streets. They had lost their home and made the decision to live in their car rather than give up their pets. Your donations (over $3000) allowed us to rent a hotel room, and then a small room in a house for several months while the family saves enough to get back on their feet. Link: Backstory

We were floored by the fast, deep response of our supporters and learned so much through the family's frustrating and all-too-common experience with trying to find a dog friendly rental. Working with them sharpened our focus of how we can be better community partners for the dogs and their owners in the future. We bring those lessons with us into 2014.

If we hope to keep dogs out of shelters, we're obligated to factor the human element into the equation when seeking solutions. Rescue is no longer as easy as pulling a homeless dog from an animal shelter and finding him a different family. True success is going to require more work, broader solutions and stronger partnerships to serve the bigger picture and honor the dogs' original families and the challenges they face. 

Owner support work stands to change the entire game of animal welfare work. Please join us as we journey forward with brainstorming around these challenges and - if you can - give generously so we can continue to respond to the core problems that affect pit bulls and the human/animal bond both in our SF bay area community and around the country.


Help us bring the dogs and their families to a better place in this brave new era of compassion.

  We were so proud to be ranked nationally as the number one high-impact nonprofit for Local Animal Welfare, Rights, & Protection for Guidestar's Philanthropedia. What an honor for the dogs to have had a panel of experts see the value this work and put BADRAP at the top of this prestigious list.
Thank you for the kind support
You keep us motivated to keep our eyes on the road ahead and you give us the ability to say 'Yes' to the seemingly impossible. 

From all of us at BADRAP, Happy New Year. May the dogs light the way!

We offer three ways to donate. Please consider making a tax 

deductible gift to help us push this boulder up the hill in 2013 

for pit bulls and the people who call them family. Thank you!

EIN Number - 94-3397172

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