Our 2012 Year End Report

Positive change is happening for pit bulls and their cousins everywhere we look. We worked hard in 2012 to keep the momentum moving forward from our corners. This year-end report charts our key activities and favorite highlights in the past year, and our plans for 2013. 


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Our 2012 Year End Report - In Video Form
Because a picture is worth a thousand words: BADRAP 2012 Photo Tour 
Olive came with lessons for everyone.
Rescue Work: Making each case count

We were able to accept more special needs cases in 2012, thanks in part to an addition to our Rescue Barn as well as a solid team of dog savvy volunteer handlers and foster homes. One of our more celebrated cases was 'Olive,' whose painful shelter past and well documented recovery while in our program inspired thoughtful public conversations in social media and in our trainings throughout the year. This blog post on her ordeal caps out as one of our all time most popular postings. OLIVE


Our best hope with every challenging rescue is to share lessons learned so other animal caregivers can gain new insights right along with us. We enjoy seeking out cases that have the potential to create new precedents and improve policies in shelters and communities around the country. 


Where are the dogs coming from?

Eleven dogs came to us from out of state cruelty cases in 2012, five came from crisis situations in Southern CA, seven from crisis situations in Oakland, seven came from over crowding in rural Shasta County Animal Services, six from Berkeley Animal Care Services, five of our medical cases came from CA Central Valley shelters, two dogs from Hayward AS, one dog from Contra Costa County AS, and one dog from Santa Cruz AS.   


talu Talu, Gris-Gris, Catfish Jones, Congo...
Trail blazing dogs from LA land in Oakland
A favorite rescue in February began in a rural parish of Louisiana. Current LA state law allows authorities to destroy "fighting dogs" swept up in raids - a law that has been used to kill untold numbers of cruelty victims over the years. But a rescuer (Delta Humane Society) and a local veterinarian said "No" when nine dogs were confiscated from an abusive owner, and all got a reprieve.


Thankfully, a District Attorney and a judge heard our collective plea to give the dogs a chance and their lives were spared - A first for this parish. Three of the four dogs who came to our program lived at the Rescue Barn. While they were with us, they were instrumental in socializing the other resident dogs, including 'Olive,' before leaving for their new homes.  VIDEO



tub Medical cases in 2012: 

Possum struggled with parvo but pulled through. A mom and her three pups (Maggie, Oscar, Rooney and Hugo) came to us with ringworm. We nearly lost Ruben to a bad reaction to Ivermectin, but he bounced back. Arthritis of the spine required physical therapy for elderbull Annie. There were skin issues for many. Tippy's badly damaged front leg was removed. X-rays revealed that Jibboom suffers from severe hip dysplasia. A group of dogs from a Texas hoarding case came with various issues: dental problems for elderbull Alma, tumor removal for elderbull Jimmy, an intestinal polyp removal for Astro, atrophied legs in Farnam. Modo suffers from paralysis. Despite the tally of med problems, all are doing well - TLC'd thanks to the kindness of our donors who keep our vet bills in check. Thank you!


Improvements at our home base: 

In 2012, we added dog doors in the barn runs and outdoor kennels thanks to Steve and Yvette Stahr. A wood stove to kick back the winter chill. The start of a garden thanks to Carla Morgan and volunteer Jaime Allen. Agility equipment thanks to Triage Consulting Group, a guest cabin for interns thanks to the Unexpected Pit Bull Calendar, a clever outdoor bathing station thanks to Melissa McDaniel. Oh - and two big rocks for the dogs' early morning constitutions! Activities at the barn are highlighted in the Barn Dog Blog, with regular contributions from our team of handlers.


The Rescue Barn has become an important oasis for dogs in recovery and a special classroom for workshops. Coastal Canine Magazine ran a lovely article on this space: Page 18-21.


A place for visitors to feel at home

In 2012 - thanks to a gift from the Unexpected Pit Bull Calendar - we purchased a gently used 'tiny cabin.' It was set into place this past August and provides housing for interns during their stay in Oakland as well as a way for volunteers to do overnights with the barn dogs. It's been a fantastic addition to our little working space, and the dogs certainly agree.


Teach a Man to Fish - Outreach to Organizations in 2012


Laura Simmons, Operations Director of Lucas County Dog Warden, attended BADRAP's 'Pit Ed Camp' as an intern several years ago. She shows off a rescued dog with her volunteers - One of the many pit bull type dogs saved since Ohio's state law was revamped.

Our work to help groups and animal shelters develop and fine tune their programs kept us busy in 2012. We traveled as far as Connecticut to present at the New England Federation of Humane Societies Conference. We presented at the Association of Professional Humane Educators National Conference (APHE), and at Sacramento County Animal Care and Regulation. We welcomed shelter reps from around the country here in the SF East Bay for special workshops and think-tank style gatherings...


But our most spine tingling collaboration was in Ohio, where we built on work and relationships seeded back in 2010. In 2011, we presented at the Ohio County Dog Wardens Association Winter Conference but our key focus was on assisting Cleveland, who took the lead in dismantling breed biased policies. In 2012, we had the great opportunity to bring our best practices and materials to Lucas County and Montgomery County Dog Wardens - where both were getting ready to start adopting out pit bulls for the first time in 25 years. How exciting is that? We worked with shelter staff during the day and helped bring relevant info to Toledo citizens in the evening alongside the progressive Lucas County Dog Warden and local dynamos, Lucas County Pit Crew. What a privilege it was! We're forever grateful for having had the chance to play a small part in this momentous shift away from Ohio's statewide pit bull discriminatory law. PHOTOS



Background: Ohio's state law that had labeled dogs identified as pit bulls as "vicious and dangerous" was dismantled in 2012 and replaced by a breed neutral, behavior-based law. The doors have opened in a big way for pit bulls in this state. Just as the Lucas County Dog Warden started to enjoy a sharp upswing of pit bull adoptions, cities like Strongville, Geneva on the Lake, Shreve, Bay Village, Avon Lake, North Royalton, Painesville and Cincinnati repealed their breed specific laws including outright bans. It's a new day in Ohio!


Internships at Home

Here at home, we wrapped up a PetSmart Charities sponsored project in partnership with Best Friends Animal Society that allowed us to train 35 staff from 18 different out of state shelters in our popular 'Pit Ed Camps,' sending a ripple effect of progressive policy and good deeds to shelter communities around the country. 


Shelters who joined us for Pit Ed Camp: Davis County Animal Control (Utah), Iowa City Animal Control and Adoption Center, Humane Society for Tacoma and Pierce County, Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter MD, Pennsylvania SPCA, Arlington Animal Welfare League VA, Pet Project Foundation CA, Washington Humane Society DC, Hillsborough County Animal Services FL, Charleston Animal Society, Best Friends Animal Society CA, Animal Protective League of Springfield and Sangamon County, Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society, Iowa City Animal Control and Adoption Center, Humane Society of Huron Valley MI, Sacramento County Animal Care Services CA, MSPCA Boston Animal Care and Control and Central Missouri Humane. 

Community Outreach and Dog Owner Support in 2012


A Berkeley Shelter dog learning good manners on his way to being adopted.
Training Classes - In Partnership with 
the City of Berkeley
2012 was a landmark year for our Pit Ed training classes at Berkeley Animal Care Services. We now have so many excellent volunteer handlers that most weeks, we empty the shelter and run out of dogs to train. What a problem to have! Solution? Our first sheltered german shepherd came to class last week -- Once again demonstrating that creating solutions for sheltered pit bulls benefits all dogs. 


Good Samaritan Support

We remember what it was like to have a dog-in-need and no real options besides the shelters, so it's been especially gratifying to be able to increase our support for Good Sams in 2012, giving helpers of street strays and dogs in crisis a way to access free training and support including spay/neuter surgeries. These collaborations allow us to keep dogs out of crowded animal shelters and give citizens the confidence to house and train their foundlings while they search for their existing home, a new home - or - decide to keep them as their own. When possible, we absorb these same dogs into our adoption program. In 2o11 and 2012, all of our Oakland-based foster dogs came from citizens who stopped everything - including traffic! - to assist a dog in crisis. Gurdy and Loni were recent favorites.


Outreach to Under-Served Communities

We worked with several veterinarians, RVTs and community partners in 2012 to bring resources to challenged communities in Pittsburg, Antioch, Hayward and West Oakland. The same PetSmart grant that brought interns to us allowed us to provide services to hundreds of under-served dog owners, including 309 spay/neuter surgeries to dogs. Interns who participated in these events were able to bring how-to information back home and replicate this same style of outreach work in their own communities.

At each event, we "fix" on the average of 25 dogs. We could do double the number if we had more hours in the day. To date, our biggest challenge is meeting the need! So many dog owners are happy to have their dog spayed/neutered but just can't afford the expensive surgery. 


Generous Partners

Many thanks to Dr. Noe, Beth Garland and the staff of Well Pet Vet Clinic, to Dr. Scott, and to Dr. Wendy Wilson and the RVTs of Silverado Pet Hospital Napa for helping us chip away at our spay/neuter goals in 2012 and beyond. Miles to go before we sleep, but we're off to a good start.


Special thanks to the East Bay Rats Motorcycle Club for allowing us to run a clinic at their clubhouse in West Oakland. And as always, hats off to our incredible volunteer crew for making it all work so well - and with such a sense of fun!

Notable dogs in 2012


Former Vick Dogs/Little dogs making big waves
Audie, his person Linda Chwistek, and elementary school teacher Charity Jara presented all around the SF bay area, helping audiences learn the lessons from children's book, Saving Audie. But the biggest Ooos and Ahhs came from the agility circuit, where Audie leapt and zig-zagged his way to fame, earning his Excellent A Preferred Standard Title in Agility.  Not to be outdone, the tough but tender Uba took home a NW1 Title in a K9 Nose Work trial in addition to two special 'pronounced' scores in recognition of his exceptional teamwork with adopter, Letti de Little. Grace earned her Therapy Dog title from the prestigious Delta Society this year, and Jonny Justice is set to arrive in a store near you in 2013 - as a GUND doll.
Reunited again - Anniversary Hoedown
The CA-based Vick dogs and their adopters made headlines with their families by celebrating the five year anniversary of their homecoming in a festive 'Hoedown' at the barn. The fun of the reunion was covered by ABC News, helping this now-famous video of the photography session to go viral. Thanks again to photographer Mark Rogers for wrangling the giggling group of adopters into a such an enjoyable piece of pit bull history. Linked here: More of Mark Rogers hoedown PHOTOS.
We were pleased to host some very special guests at the anniversary event. Roo & Clara Yori drove all the way from Minnesota to attend and brought Vick survivor and BR alum Hector with them. Their dog Wallace came along too, to help promote his new autobiographical book, "Wallace," written by Lost Dogs author Jim Gorant. And author Ken Foster attended, signing fresh copies of his newest book "I'm a good dog." Readers of Ken's book will recognize several BADRAP alum and interviews in the chapters. What an honor for all of us! 

This newer page on BADRAP"s site offers a five year update on the Vick dogs who arrived in CA.


Looking to 2013


Community outreach is where it's at
After experiencing the thrill of helping so many people access free training and free on-site spay/neuter surgeries, there's no turning back. We are currently assessing a used spay/neuter van in hopes that it meets our needs for 2013. If it does, we expect to build on the credibility we've earned in some of our more challenged communities by being better providers of much-needed resources. Please give generously if you support this work!
Our 'Teach a Man to Fish' work will continue as we bring info and materials to more audiences, starting with a presentation at the Animal Care Conference in Feb 2013. And especially, as we collaborate with shelters in our Oakland-based internships. We are currently taking applications for Pit Ed Camp slots in 2013. If you're a shelter worker or run a 501c3 non-profit, please contact us for more information and an application. Pit Ed Camp

  We were so proud to be ranked nationally as the number one high-impact nonprofit for Local Animal Welfare, Rights, & Protection for Guidestar's Philanthropedia. What an honor for the dogs to have had a panel of experts see the value this work and put BADRAP at the top of this prestigious list.
Thank you for the kind support
You keep us motivated to keep our eyes on the road ahead and you give us the ability to say 'Yes' to the seemingly impossible. 

From all of us at BADRAP, Happy New Year. May the dogs light the way!

We offer three ways to donate. Please consider making a tax 

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