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A fresh look into health, wellness, and maintaining healthy, active lifestyles in North Carolina.
Making SMART Resolutions in the New Year
man cookingWith the start of each New Year, you may find yourself motivated to make a lifestyle change you have been putting off. Let this be the year you keep that New Year's resolution. Whether your goal is to lose weight, start exercising or quit smoking, set a "SMART" resolution you can continue throughout 2013. SMART means: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.

Once you have decided on your SMART resolution, write it down and share your plan with family and friends. To help you keep your resolution, the State Health Plan offers a variety of supports through NC HealthSmart.

Click here  for more information on the supports available to make your New Year's resolution last.
Personal Health Portal Revamped for the New Year
personal health portalCheck out the redesigned NC HealthSmart Personal Health Portal home page. Now you can easily view the status of your individual screening results, such as blood pressure, on the Dashboard. The green, yellow and red status buttons make it easy for you to understand when you are on the right track (green), if you are at risk for developing a chronic disease in the future (yellow), or if you need additional attention now (red). By clicking on the color status button, you will be directed to a tracking page where you can review your health history and easily update your results on a regular basis. The new tracker graphs show you more data points to keep you informed and on top of your health.

The health spotlight section of the home page also has a new look. Be sure to scroll through the spotlights to read tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle, learn about free resources available to you, and more.

Click here to find more enhancements to your Personal Health Portal.
New Nutrition Mobile App for Members
A new application is available to help State Health Plan members scan and score foods' nutritional value at the supermarket before a purchase. The interactive, educational NuWell app, available on the Personal Health Portal, lets members compare foods and create personalized food lists. The new tool is a mobile extension of the NuVal system already available to members.

The NuVal scoring system ranks the nutritional value of foods on a scale from one to 100, with higher scores equaling better nutritional value. The NuWell app allows users to scan a food product's barcode with their smartphone and instantly gain access to NuVal's database of more than 100,000 foods to find healthier food choices. Currently, the NuWell app is available on the Apple iPhone, not phones using the Android or Windows operating systems.

To read more about the new nutrition app for members, click here.
Cutting the Risk of Alzheimer's through Diet, Exercise
couple rollerbladingAlzheimer's is the most common form of dementia. Its damaging effects gradually destroy many brain functions. There is still no definite explanation of what causes the disease. According to Achieve Solutions, the State Health Plan's website on mental health and related issues, medication can lessen symptoms but not cure the disease. But there is hope.

Click here  for more information on cutting the risk of Alzheimer's disease through diet and exercise.
Wellness Wins at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools
ardrey kell
Ardrey Kell
This past October, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools employees were encouraged to participate in a four-week walking challenge. The goal was to encourage employees to increase the number of steps they walk each day. From Oct. 8 through Nov. 5, 2012, 347 employees from 48 CMS schools and administrative departments participated in the challenge. Each school level and administration unit had a top performing team and individual.

The overall Walking Challenge Champion was Ardrey Kell High School. They had the top two performing high school teams and the highest average steps per participant. Congratulations to the Ardrey Kell staff!

The school with the highest participation in the walking challenge, with 39 out of 79 staff members participating, was Collinswood Language Academy. Congratulations, Collinswood!

Click here for more information on the team challenge and the winning teams and individuals.
'Your Roadmap for Good Health' iPad Winner Announced
apple ipadCarolyn Brown, an education developmental assistant in Beacon Cottage at Murdoch Developmental Center (MDC) in Butner, N.C., recently earned a new Apple iPad for her participation in the "Your Roadmap for Good Health" pilot project.

This two-year pilot was conducted at MDC from Oct. 1, 2010, to Sept. 30, 2012. The goal of the program was to increase utilization and access to primary health care for employees. As part of the pilot, employees were offered a health assessment and free biometric screenings at their worksite. Employees who participated in the screenings and completed the health assessment received a $15 copay reduction for primary care visits for themselves and their dependents.

Click here for more information on this pilot project.
New iPad Winner Announced
Congratulations to Antoinette Bosquet, who is starting the New Year off with a new iPad after winning the State Health Plan's latest monthly drawing.

To earn her chance to win, Ms. Bosquet, who works for the Children's Developmental Services Agency in Gastonia, N.C., just had to complete an online Health Assessment on the NC HealthSmart Personal Health Portal.

"I like the information that I receive monthly from NC HealthSmart, and winning the iPad is going to make it easier for me to have that information on hand at all times," Ms. Bosquet said.

Click here for more information on winning an iPad.
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