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February 2014   

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Ever wonder what happens to our recycleables?  Check out Edmonton's MRA facility.nes of recycling/hour
What really happens to our recycleables? Check out the City of Edmonton's MRF.

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EWMCE Awards U of A Environmental Engineering Solid Waste Management conceptual study winners!

Dr. Abu Kamal and Janice Isberg were on hand to present financial awards to the winning students who best solved a real-world problem.  They prepared a conceptual study for an integrated solid waste management system.   read more ...     

Pilot Scale Anaerobic Co-Digestion of Municipal WW Sludge with Restaurant Grease Trap Waste Project    

EWMCE, EPCOR and the U of A along with support from CDM Smith and WERF partnered to  investigate how biogas production through the anerobic co-digestion of wastewater sludge and grease trap waste are finding beneficial ways to use restaurant waste.  read more ... 
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