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November 2013   
"Our 10th Anniversary" 


EWMCE reaches its decade milestone!  Read our "Decade of Excellence" which concisely details major achievements!
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Edmonton IPTF and Compost Facitlity
Edmonton IPTF and Compost Facility

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Organic Waste Utilization in the Institutional Sector


The University of Alberta and Edmonton Waste Management Centre of Excellence are one step closer to solving the challenge of utilizing the organic fraction of waste to create a valuable resource.  Success was obtained by using a trilateral approach, combining a waste audit with students' course and "hands-on" research.        read more ...   

 Conference Highlights  

  • "Tire-Derived Aggregate in Landfill Leachate Collection Systems," was presented by Peter Marshall (Adelantar Consulting) and Ian Fleming (University of Saskatchewan) at the SWANA Northern Lights 2013 Annual Conference; June 19-21 - Edmonton, AB
  • "Managing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) in Wastewater Treatment Plant," was presented by Kentson Yan (EWMCE Research Engineering Intern) and Daryl McCartney (EWMCE Executive Director) at Joel Nodelman's  (Nodelcorp President) workshop, "Managing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) In Wastewater Treatment Plant" at the Western Canada Water 2013 Conference; Sept. 17-19, 2013 - Edmonton, AB
  • "Large Post-Secondary Institutional Organic Waste Characterization," was presented by Golnaz Arab (U of A Ph.D. Student) and Daryl McCarney, Ph.D., P.Eng. (EWMCE Executive Director and Ph.D. Candidate Supervisor) at the Renewable Energy From Organics Recycling 2013 at the BiocCycle 13th annual conference; Oct. 20-23, 2013 - Columbus, OH.
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