Webconference: Key findings of the Global Survey "Values and Preferences regarding the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Human Rights of Women living with HIV"

Salamander Trust was commissioned by the World Health Organization (WHO) to conduct a community consultation to identify the values and preferences of women living with HIV in relation to their sexual and reproductive health (SRH) at the global level and to use the findings to inform the ongoing process of updating the 2006 WHO Guideline on SRH.
The survey was led and run by women living with HIV. Eight hundred and thirty-two women living with HIV from 94 different countries completed the survey.
Salamander Trust, UNDP, ICW Latin America and Development Connections jointly invite you to participate in this webconference where findings of the survey will be presented in five main areas:
Violence before, because of, and/or after HIV diagnosis                                         
Abuse in healthcare services
Effects of criminalization of HIV transmission
Mental health issues 
Attitudes and practices of health staff 
* The webconference will be in Spanish
Download the full report Spanish  English


Hilda Esquivel 
ICW Latin America 
Violeta Ross

L'Orangelis Thomas

Marijo Vazquez
Salamander Trust

DateNovember 24, 2015 
Time: 1:00 - 2:30 pm ( New York Time). 
Moderator: Alejandra Trossero - UNDP
Access to the web conference HERE
For more information please contact: Marijo Vázquez - marijoe2001@yahoo.es  Dinys Luciano - info@dvcn.org 

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