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I don't usually get personal here, but I'd like to make an exception. I recently found this wonderful image and I thought the sheer quality of the photograph was worth pointing to.

This is my grandmother, Grace Whitcomb Ford--my mom's mom. She was born in 1899 so I'm guessing this is from the 1910s. She lived in Milford, Connecticut and her side of our family came to the United States right around the time of the American Revolutionary War in the 1770s.

She looks strong and tenacious to me, but I admit to being a bit prejudiced.  Here 
The photograph is not retouched and is labeled "Corbit's Studio" which, as it turns out, has a long history in the area...  Here

Be well, Chuck
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This elegant, clean design is a model of simplicity
Herman Miller has been issuing a yearly report (since 2006) that addresses its efforts on the fronts of environmental performance, inclusiveness and diversity, health and  
well-being, and community service. It is titled, "A Better World Around You."

I point you to it because it struck me as a particularly elegant solution. It features a series of bold, iconic illustrations created by Brent Couchman.

The web page...  Here
Herman Miller's A Better World Report (3MB PDF)...  Here
The illustrator is Brent Couchman...  Here 
Your chance to own some real movie design history
Design is everywhere. Sometimes it's obvious, sometimes not. Clearly, one of the places that regularly develops, fosters, and establishes all manner of design is the motion picture industry. From the storyboards, to the posters, to the props, to the costumes, and beyond-the industry has long been a harbinger of design change.

So it is with wide-eyes and a touch of envy that I share an opportunity some will have next week to own some truly iconic motion picture design pieces by way to an auction curated by Turner Classic Movies.

Unfortunately and fortunately, it is all clearly out of my league.

What Dreams Are Made Of, November 25, 2013...  Here
The auction catalog (9.5MB PDF)...  Here
Why use black and white when you can use color?
We've debated the ethics of the colorizing of black and white photographs recently-so I was interested when my friend Martin Bounds pointed to the fact that the New York Times chose to use a black and white photograph on its November 22nd cover commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination.

Both color and black and white film was in wide use by November of 1963 (obviously) but very few newspapers had the presses for or inclination to print color. In fact, you might be surprised to recall that the New York Times didn't print a color image on its frontpage until 1997.

All this got me wondering how other newspapers handled their coverage of the anniversary and whether they chose to use color or black and white. Here's a sampling and some further discussion.

The New York Times chose black and white...  Here
Though, there were certainly many color versions of the same scene taken...  Here
From 1993: Newspapers' Adoption of Color Nearly Complete...  Here
Other newspapers chose color images...  Here
This one chose to create a sepia tone...  Here
And this one used black and white to represent the past and color to represent the present...  Here
A rather dramatic collage...  Here
Many of the newspaper cover pages for the anniversary are archived here by the Newseum...  Here
And on a lighter note, John McWade alerted me to this other issue of colorization...  Here
And horror of horrors: A color image by Walker Evans...  Here
We discussed Chipotle's marketing in the last Design Briefing. 
Now Chris Garcia points us to Chipotle's own, eclectic music channel...  Here
Giving back to its community through an intriguing web experience
Nature Valley is the brand name of a granola product line first introduced by General Mills in 1973. It's nice to see company's get creative about giving back.

Nature Valley's Trail View...  Here 
Details about the project...  Here
The Nature Valley website...  Here
General Mills has a long, storied history and was recognized in 2012 by Forbes magazine as the country's most reputable company...  Here
Meet illustrator Pierluigi Longo
Typically I'd describe an illustrator's work by comparing it to something I've seen before or a feeling it provokes. Though I definitely like Longo's work, I'm having a hard time identifying either.

What do you think?

Example 1...  Here
Example 2...  Here
Example 3...  Here
Pierluigi Longo's website...  Here
If you're interested in print...
Here's the beginning of an excellent collection of print finishing and special effects resources compiled by the Foil & Specialty Effects Association (FSEA) at

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Do the owner and its developer a favor and contact them with a quick note that points out the problem. Even when we test, it's virtually impossible to find all potential problems.

I haven't found anyone yet who wasn't thankful for a heads-up...

God selfie...  Here
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