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I got a mass-emailing from the CEO of a BIG internet company today which included, in part, the following...

"...the one word to describe you best is 'courageous.' You go after what you really love, you chart your own course, and you create something (often from nothing) that usually makes the world a better place."

They clearly didn't think that one through--it appears that they created a composite of their ideal customer and made the mistake of writing sentiments that would normally be reserved for a personal note. When you heap accolades on a mass audience, you risk being perceived of as disingenuous, even condescending.
Be well, Chuck

Have you seen my InDesign Ideabook?

315 template files in 19 different categories -- Everything from brochures, newsletters, and direct  mail to packaging, calendars, and books (one CD works with both Mac and PC). Use two or three files and you'll pay for the entire book and disc...

For Adobe InDesign  Here 

For QuarkXPress  Here 

A library of books and guides on old school sign painting

While we're on the subject (Friday's post on the Sign Painter movie) here is a library of old school books and guides on the craft of sign painting.

The Sign Painter beginners lesson

A Textbook on Lettering and Sign Painting, 1902...  Here

How to Paint Signs and Sho' Cards, 1920...  Here

The Sign Painter, A complete system and set of lessons for beginners, 1916...  Here 

The Sign Painter's Guide, OR hints and helps to sign painting, glass gilding, pearl work, etc., 1871...  Here

The Silent Sign Writer, A book devoted entirely to the art of sign writing in all its branches, 1903...  Here

The Expert Sign Painter, A book of reference designed for the use of practical sign painters and letterers, 1911...  Here

The Signist, A compilation of the most modern and artistic designs, valuable to sign writers, draughtsmen, designers, architects, engravers, etc., 1903...  Here
The Expert Sign Painter, Second Edition, 1922...  Here

Atkinson Sign Painting, 1915...  Here 

Art of Letter Painting Made Easy, 1888...  Here

The American Sign Writer, 1877...  Here

Strong's Book of Designs, A masterpiece of modern ornamental art, 1917...  Here

Sign and Show Card Writing, 1899...  Here

The latest image dimensions for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube

The dimensions of profile, cover, and other miscellaneous images are constantly changing. Here, from Raidious (a social media marketing firm), are the latest image dimensions for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube...

Social Media Spec Guide for Content Designers...  Here

The Raidious website...  Here

Learn virtually any software program...

I recommend A huge library of top-quality, design-oriented tutorials. Click here for a 7-day free trial.  Here

Meet illustrator James Provost

You can tell James Provost loves what he does. He has at least three websites (that I know of) where he shows his work and shares his expertise.

I particularly like his line illustrations and motion graphics.

Example 1...  Here

Example 2...  Here

Example 3...  Here

James Provost's Textbook Example website...  Here

His portfolio website includes a wide range of styles and techniques...  Here

Try Editorially: A new writing platform designed by writers

For quite some time a group of writers, editors, publishers, designers, and engineers have been building  and fine-tuning a new collaborative writing platform tagged, Editorially. It's a clean, simple, system that is well worth a look.

Here's the lineup of the folks behind Editorially: Mandy Brown, Founder & CEO; Jason Santa Maria, Founder & Creative Director; David Yee, Founder & CTO; Rob Brackett, Engineer; Garann Means, Engineer; Susan Robertson, Web Developer; Ethan Marcotte, Founder & Advisor.

The Editorially collaborative writing platform...  Here

Buy fonts here...


If you use this link to buy your type from, you won't pay any more but I'll get a  commission. And you know what THAT means: My own island! Or, a paddle for the canoe.  Here


It's easy to forget that Photoshop has only been around since 1990

I guess I've been using Photoshop for about 20 years now. So I was interested to see this interview with Thomas Knoll, co-inventor with his brother John, of Adobe Photoshop.

It is interesting to note, we are only roughly 25 years into the design revolution.

Thanks to Jeff Green for pointing us to it.

Thomas Knoll: The Story of Photoshop (2013)...  Here 

And some further history from the official Photoshop 20th Anniversary in 2010...  Here

The Birth of a Killer Application (2000) (500KB PDF)...  Here

An exquisite example of viral value

They called it the 2013 Easter Bunny Apology Tour and it was designed for UNREAL Candy, a company out to "prove that candy tastes better without the junk."

Crunch Brands, the ad agency that developed the campaign describes it like this: "UNREAL was entering a crowded candy category saturated by mega brands with colossal budgets. In order to succeed, UNREAL had to make people aware of how much junk the candy industry puts in its candy that just doesn't need to be there. And then offer an alternative that's in the same aisle as traditional candy, and with equally great taste."

This, to me, the quintessence of smart marketing-educational, engaging, a little self-deprecating, and, at its heart, seemingly economical (or could be). I think it's a great model for other folks who have a good story and need to break through the clutter.

The Sorry Bunny website (click the video first)...  Here 

The case study by Crunch Grands...  Here

About UNREAL Candy...  Here

Type nuts: A capital "R" worth loving

If you're not a design nut, you might not understand why I'm doing a blog post about a letter of the alphabet. With that proviso, I gotta say, the cap "R" from Alcala Roman stopped me in my tracks.

It was designed by Damien Gautier and Quentin Margat of the French foundry 205 Corp. Just when I think its all been done, I am surprised by yet another typographer who discovers a new way of seeing a terminal, a bowl, a finial, a loop, and so on.

Thank God for diversity of thought.

Alcala Roman...  Here 

The Alcala Specimen book (3.3MB PDF)...  Here

The 205 Corp website...  Here

You can purchase it through, but it is on the expensive side...  Here

If you're in the market for a 35mm digital camera...
I purchased Canon EOS Rebel T4i Digital Camera with 18-135mm Lens a few months ago. It's a terrific tool that I recommend heartily.  Here


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