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April 6, 2016
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On February 11, 2016, scientists announced that they had recorded the sound of two black holes colliding a billion light years away, providing the first real proof that gravitational waves actually exist.

I'd really like you to listen to the Gravitational Wave Chirp, the audio recording unveiled by scientists this week.

As The New York Times describes it, the chirp rises to "the frequency of middle C before abruptly stopping," And it's likely to "take its place among the great sound bites of science," ranking up there with Alexander Graham Bell's "Mr. Watson - come here" and Sputnik's first beeps from orbit."

Decades from now, you can tell your grandkids you heard it here first!
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Heritage Guitar today announced new ownership of the business that took over Kalamazoo's Gibson Guitar factory 31 years ago. "The new ownership group is led by private local investors who have a long track record of revitalizing buildings and businesses in the Kalamazoo area," said a news release by Kyle Sobko, marketing director for Heritage Guitar Inc. After Gibson closed its factory on Kalamazoo's north side in 1984, a number of former employees formed Heritage Guitar and continued making guitars in the plant on Parsons Street. "Since 1985, Heritage Guitar has been...
Since forming in 2010, Hiromi's Trio Project (piano Hiromi, contrabass guitarist Anthony Jackson and drummer Simon Phillips) has explored the richness of the inner voice on their 2011 debut, Voice; the dynamic, unceasing motion of time on their 2013 follow-up, Move; and captured the feeling of their electrifying live performances on 2014's brilliant Alive. With Spark, the trio again exemplifies why DownBeat magazine has called them "one of the most exciting groups working in any genre today," with the leader's effusive, heartfelt virtuosity supported by Jackson's vigorously fluid basslines and Phillips' ability to be simultaneously propulsive and witty behind the kit.

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Bass EncycloMedia - as essential as your instrument!
JACO, is a full-length documentary film chronicling the life, music and ongoing influence of the mythic electric bass pioneer Jaco Pastorius. The movie incorporates interviews with many musical visionaries. This extraordinary film reveals the story behind Jaco's life and music, both as a solo artist and member of Weather Report, the tragic arc of his demise and early death and the enduring influence and inspiration of his artistry and genius. A brilliant film about a brilliant musician. I loved every minute of it.


John Coltrane released Giant Steps in 1960. Since then the title track has served as something of a measuring stick for improvisers. At first, most are scared of the brisk tempo and lightning-quick chord changes, but if you're able to crack the code and gain a glimpse of Coltrane's process, it's not as hard as you think. Most jazz standards are based on fourth or fifth harmonic motion. Giant Steps uses a series of key centers moving in thirds. This lesson demonstrates a few essential ideas you can use. 
You've got a killer guitar and a smokin' amp, but is your go-to cable half as old as you, mediocre, or a combination of the two? You owe it to yourself and your rig to have the all-important link between axe and amp in perfect working order to avoid hum, crackle, or an all-out fail. This month, we've put together a sampling of quality guitar cables built to deliver and last.   
Simply, he was an original member of the pioneering rock group Chicago who played guitar, sang and wrote songs.  He was in a league with Jimi Hendrix - this according to no less an authority than Hendrix. After hearing the band in 1968 at the Whisky A Go-Go in Los Angeles, Hendrix told Chicago saxophone player Walter Parazaider "Your guitar player is better than me."  That may be the highest praise Kath received. Unfortunately, rock critics didn't offer much for Kath. Pop music critics seemed to...

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