October 2014
Students Discover Cooperation in Crisis in Israel
SIS students who traveled in the summer with Professor Ken Conca for a practicum on “Water, Cooperation, and Peace in the Middle East" got more of a lesson on peace and conflict than they bargained for when tensions in Israel rose in June. Read More.
Learn About our Environmental Programs
The Global Environmental Politics (GEP) program at SIS, directed by Simon Nicholson, is committed to training the next generation of environmental leaders. The program includes two master’s degree tracks: Global Environmental Policy and the dual-degree Natural Resources and Sustainable Development program. Read More.
Steiner Scholarship Supports Aspiring Diplomats
Mycal Ford, a student of East Asian politics who was the first in his family to graduate from college, is the inaugural recipient of the Martin H. Steiner Scholarship. The scholarship supports a master’s degree student at SIS who is interested in pursuing a career in diplomacy. Read More.
Africa Today and Tomorrow
Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Linda Thomas-Greenfield discusses U.S.-Africa policy for the next generation of leaders at SIS on October 7, with Professors Carl LeVan and James Mittelman. Watch Here.
IR Online Students Meet for Immersion Weekend
International Relations Online students had the opportunity to gather at SIS on September 5-7 for an in-person immersion weekend. Highlights from the weekend included a multinational negotiation strategies institute with Professorial Lecturer Ray Leki, an interactive career center workshop, and a visit to the United States Agency for International Development.

Associate Professor Joe Young answers three questions on ISIS in Syria and Iraq: "Until Syria and Iraq build strong, responsive state institutions, ISIS, or groups like it, will battle for how to govern people in the region.”

Associate Professor Shoon Murray answers three questions on war powers: “If Obama is allowed to use acrobatic legal reasoning to expand the scope of the 2001 AUMF, so might the next president.”

Associate Professor Shalini Venturelli discusses her research on the socio-cultural drivers of conflict in Afghanistan in the latest SIS Spotlight video.

SIS mourns the loss of SIS undergraduate student Lorena Gimenez. "Lorena was the very essence of the American Dream and was committed to leaving this world a better place," remembers Dean Jim Goldgeier.

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New Research

Assistant Professor Daniel Esser: "Security Scales: Spectacular and Endemic Violence in Post-Invasion Kabul, Afghanistan," Environment and Urbanization, August 2014

Associate Professor Rachel Robinson: "Population Policy in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Case of Both Normative and Coercive Ties to the World Polity," Population Research and Policy Review, June 2014


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Opinions and News

Professor Gordon Adams: Ties That Bind, Foreign Policy, October 1

Associate Professor Keith Darden: How to Fight Corruption: Time for Qui Tam Laws? Vox Ukraine, September 26

Associate Professor Boaz Atzili: For Israel, the Best Defense May Be Defense, Monkey Cage, The Washington Post, September 23

Assistant Professor Sarah Cleeland Knight: Congress Should Reauthorize the Export-Import Bank to Continue its Crucial Role in U.S. Foreign Policy , LSE Blog, September 17

Associate Professor Shoon Murray: Congress Beware: The 2001 AUMF Could Become Permanent, Huffington Post, September 15

Dean Jim Goldgeier: President Obama's ISIS Strategy on C-SPAN Washington Journal, September 14

Professor Gordon Adams: Sharks in the Desert, Foreign Policy, September 12

Professor Gordon Adams: U.S. Defense Spending on C-SPAN Washington Journal, September 12

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