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June-July 2014
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State Tournament returns to Alex
Plans are underway for another great tourney with improvements: camping, raffle, outside banquet and more

If you attended the State Tournament last year, we hope you enjoyed it and are making plans to return.  Be sure to bring some of your pitching friends with as well. If you did not attend last year, make sure you do not miss out this year. We thought it went great last year, but there is always room for improvement.  

This year we will have on-site camping, and it should include water and ...
Call for officers, state tournament and more
As summer is slowly coming around, league play has begun and I would like to wish everyone a great season. With my term as president coming to an end, I would like to remind everyone of a few things.  If you have any interest in running for an officer position this fall, I will need a letter of your intention by August 1. Along with the president position, the Northeast Vice President, Southeast Vice President and East Metro Vice President positions are up for election.

Even though this is my last year as president, I will still work with any incoming officers, especially this one, until they feel comfortable with the job. In my 15 years in office, I have had a great time and believe we've accomplished a lot because of all the good people I have worked with.

Ours is one of the hardest working states for organized horseshoe. It shows,  as another one of our members was named by the NHPA as the Newsline Editor. Please join me in congratulating Sara Otto in her new position.  Great job, Sara!

And lastly, let's flood Alexandria with participants this year at our State Tournament. They did such a great job last year. You have not enjoyed MGSHPA horseshoes until you experience the state tournament.
23 MGSHPA pitchers are World Tournament bound
Best of luck to the 23 pitchers representing Minnesota at the World Tournament in Buffalo, New York, beginning July 14 and continuing through July 26.

The annual tournament is taking place at the Hamburg Fairgrounds and Event Center on 48 portable courts. There are a total of 1,265 entrants, making it one of the largest events in recent history.

If you're not going, be sure to follow the tournament coverage offered online via the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association website and look for these Minnesota pitchers:


Dale Ackman
Elders J

Jerry LaBrosse
45.59Mens C2
Marvin Akkerman
Elders S

Jeff Lawrence
Mens O1
Sig Armitage
Elders A

Michael Littell

Connie Bachman
Womens K

April Lynch
Womens F
Daren Chambers
Mens Q2

Joe Mueller
Mens D2
Robin Constance
Mens O1

Patti Oakes
Womens J
Dustin Dahl
Mens C2

Joshua Olson
Mens C1
Lonnie Frank
Sr. Mens F

Mark Smith
Mens B1
Rob Hagman
Mens L2

Tiffany Syring
Womens C
Wayne Hohenstein
Elders O

Rick Wright
Mens I2
Laurie Kelley
Womens H

Jerry Zastrow
Mens L1
Bob Knudtson
Elders F

The first of 26 editions of the Ringer Digest by outgoing editor Sara Otto
Signing off
Ringer Digest editor stepping down
by Sara Otto, Ringer Digest Editor

It was late 2008 when yours truly stepped into the role of Ringer Digest editor. Now, almost six years later and 26 editions completed, I'm moving on. I have recently been named as the new editor of the NHPA's Newsline, which in January 2015 will be making the transition to an electronic publication, just like the Digest recently did. (And if you're reading this, you'll have access to that publication then too; no more subscriptions required.) I'm excited by the challenge, but am sad that it forces me to give up my state duties.

Pending formal approval, the Digest job is being handed to the very capable and ambitious Kayla Yaegar. The next edition will be her first, but I've offered my guidance, if she needs it. So, please make this as easy as possible for her too. Get your materials to her in a timely fashion, proactively. Welcome her, be patient, and thank her for her undertaking this position!

I'm not physically going anywhere, so will still see you all. However, thank you all for your support and the contributions you have made to the Ringer Digest over the past few years. It's been a pleasure bringing you the news of the MGSHPA.
World Tourney wishes; and request for member emails
by Jerry LaBrosse, Communications Director

First I'd like to wish all the Minnesota World Tournament pitchers a safe and successful trip to New York. See the sights and enjoy the tournament!

I'm requesting email addresses of members from all club secretaries. Please send them directly to me in any form you may have. Make sure members know that they will receive our Ringer Digest free of charge directly to their email inbox. We are trying to reach all of our members through the most advanced communication system we've ever had. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated, and rewarded.
Minnesota well-represented at annual Team World Tournament
The 2014 Team World Horseshoe Tournament was held in Beloit, Wisconsin May 16-18 with five Minnesota teams participating in this 20-team, round-robin event featuring teams from Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan.

Indiana #1 took home first place with 64 wins. Minnesota teams are pictured below, along with their tournament finish:

Minnesota #1: (left to right): Sara Otto, Dale Lipovsky, Sig Armitage and Ron Craigmile made the first round of championship play, but didn't advance, finishing in fifth overall with 56 wins.
Minnesota #2: Dale Hustad, Hank Greenwaldt, Bob Knudtson and Dick Dvorak finished 12th with 35.5 wins.
Minnesota #3: Jerry LaBrosse, Joe Mueller, Dustin Dahl, Jim Aleckson and Mark Smith put together 33.5 wins for 13th place.
Minnesota #4: Al Larson, Janet Larson, Josh Olson and Frank Johnson amassed 39.5 wins, putting them in ninth.

Minnesota #5: Tiffany Syring, Gordy Schmidt, Jim Woods and April Lynch had 21 wins for a 16th place finish.

Hall of Famers passing on their horseshoe passion
by Jerry Werk, Northwest District Vice President

Here are two great examples from the Northwest District of Hall of Famers passing on their passion for horseshoes to the next generation: 
Harry Fillafer taught a one-week long class on "The Basics of Horseshoe Pitching" for the Moorhead High School physical education class. Harry donated two trophies and a medallion. At the end of the week, one trophy was given to the girl that had the most ringers and the other to the boy that had the most ringers.
Mel and Joyce Larson taught "Horseshoe Basics and Etiquette" to physical education classes from Upsala High School at the Upsala courts. The building was full for most of the week.
Alexandria Club busy in early season
We had our spring meeting on April 23, with a good turnout. We lost four members for various reasons. Regardless, they will be missed. Fortunately, Kevin Richmond returned after taking a medical leave and Phil Swenson recruited two new members, David Johnson and Jerry Larson (not Al's brother). We are also excited to have gained Gene Eitreim from the Battle Lake area.
We have 10 teams and a good list of subs. Round robin play started on May 7 and the second week of play saw temps of 43 degrees!

We have a good working relationship with the Eagles league in Alexandria, a non-sanctioned league, and are helping some of them get qualified for the state tournament. We still have hopes of getting new courts built in Alexandria this summer. So, with that, and our Alexandria Open Tournament, and getting things set up for the State Tournament, this is a very busy time for us. We hope to see you in Alex soon!
Rockford welcomes new members

League play for the Rockford Ringers club began on May 20 and 21 and saw a handful of new races! Always good to welcome some new members!

(left to right) Marv Masteller, Dick Jordan, and Lyle Hilbrands are new to Rockford's Tuesday Night League
Logan Dobbelaire, age 14, joined Wednesday's night league
More new pitchers on Wednesday night: (left to right) Jenny Jorges, Gabor Deli, Jon Schmit, and Jon Langemak

Metro's weather-impacted tourneys seek cover in West St. Paul
As history dictates, it rained on the day of the Bud Nelson Open, June 1. But the tournament went on, moving from Forest Lake to the covered West St. Paul Courts, pictured above. Since then, the Jim Holland Memorial Tournament, slated for Fridley, relocated to West St. Paul too, but wind storms and sideways rain were too much, forcing a partial cancellation of that June 14 event.

Labor day weekend; Alexandria

Entry Deadline is August 7.
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