MARCH 27, 2015 * ISSUE 03272015

Upcoming Important Dates

3/27TODAY: Last Day to Order Yearbooks
3/31Passport Check Day
4/1Science Fair
4/2PTA General Membership Meeting, SPEAKER, Elections and approval - 6:30pm, Library
4/6-10Spring Break
4/15Music Concert for 1st and 2nd Graders
4/15Registration begins for Arabian Nights play
4/18Night at the Mariners' Game
4/22Music Concert for 3rd and 4th Graders
4/24Academic Challenge final forms due
4/24Bellevue Schools Foundation Luncheon
PTA General Membership Meeting, Elections,
Budget, and Speaker

Thursday, April 2, 6:30pm Library


We have a lot to cover this time and we NEED YOU to be there!

  • Please help us elect our new slated board (see below)
  • Come view and discuss 2015-2016 budget. We are tightening our belts and need your input before we finalize it. This is your opportunity to give your feedback.
  • Final budget will be approved at a Special General Membership Meeting TBD.
  • We also have a very special Parent Educational Speaker (see below) and we would like to give her a warm welcome and audience. Please come and support her. 

The PTA Board of Directors


Nominations for Puesta del Sol PTA Board 2015-2016
Voting takes place on April 2 at the PTA meeting in the Library

2015-2016 Board Elections will take place on April 2. The 2014-2015 Puesta del Sol PTA Nominating Committee places the following names in nomination for the 2015-16 Puesta del Sol PTA Board Election.



James Kwon


Sabrina Pinto

Payables Treasurer

Tamzin Anderson

Deposits Treasurer

Megan Reed


Renee Haniu

Co-VP of Administrative Support

Lisa Blizzard

Co-VP of Administrative Support

Annie Robinson

Co-VP of Fundraising

Mary Castillo

Co-VP of Fundraising

Leslie Novotny

VP of Special Events

Humaira Jackson

VP of Educational Enhancement

Mark Combs

VP of Teacher Relations

Laura Dooley


The Nominating Committee has confirmed that all nominees have been a member of the PTA for at least 30 days prior to the election, and meet other requirements as astated in the Washington State PTA Uniform Bylaws.

Respectfully Submitted,

Humaira Jackson

Erin Gregov

Mendi Carroll

Tired of the nagging & arguing over homework and chores? Attend the PTA meeting for answers!
Thursday, April 2nd 
Are you tired of the nagging & arguing over homework and chores?  Award winning educator and author Margit Crane will talk about the 3 myths even savvy parents  believe that keep your children discouraged and de-motivated. She calls it the no nagging, no yelling, no begging
approach to homework and chores.

Parents will learn about her theory of the 3 different kinds of motivation, how to create environments that promote focus, what to do about meltdowns and tantrums, how to create rules that work, and when and how much to help their kids with schoolwork and chores.

PTA Cookbook Pre-Orders Start Today!
Pre-sale begins TODAY, March 27th

Don't Walk...Run! "The Family Table" a one of a kind, full-color cookbook is available for pre-order starting today!  This beautiful cookbook  features:  

  • favorite recipes from our families, teachers and Amity Interns
  • photos of each classroom's art specifically created for this cookbook
  • pictures of our school and students
  • fun teaching tools for children and much, much more!


Pre-sale Orders are available TODAY, March 27 to April 15, 2015 

$20/cookbook. ORDER NOW!

Regular Sale Order Start April 16, 2015 



Find out more on the PTA Cookbook page on our website 


Don't forget to order extras as gifts for Mother's Day, grandparents, co-workers, etc. Thank you for supporting the PTA and all the Educational Enhancement Programs at Puesta del Sol with each purchase!!

Yearbook Orders: Last Chance!

Deadline for ordering a 2014-2015 yearbook is TODAY,
Friday, March 27


Make sure to get your 2014-2015 yearbook ordered TODAY, Friday, 3/27.  There will be no ordering available after this date, as the yearbook will go to print with pre-purchased orders only.  ORDER NOW!


If you don't remember if you ordered, please login into your account and look at your Orders.


Or, if you have questions, or would like to order by cash or check, please email before the March 27 deadline. 


Spring Session of TechVentures Coding Club at Puesta del Sol

Registration is now open.

  • Scratch: Intro to Games and Animations, Introductory and Intermediate
  • Grades:  2, 3, 4 
  • Thursdays, 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm 
  • 8 weeks:   April 16 - June 4 
  • Cost: $198/student

Online Registration  is open. Click here for information on available confidential financial assistance.


Science Fair is coming! 

The Science Fair is Wednesday, April 1, starting at 5:00 (K-1) and 5:30 (2-5)


Kids want to talk with you (judges needed!)

Ever wished kids would hang on your every word, and be delighted to tell you all about their work?  Sign up here to help judge the Science Fair, or volunteer in many other ways.  It's a great experience for you and the kids, and with more than 200 students planning to present there are a lot of projects to cover.  If you have any questions, please e-mail James Dooley at


Now serving a three-course meal (baked goods needed!)

Come to the Science Fair with an appetite, as you can have popcorn for an appetizer, pizza for dinner and bake sale for dessert.  Please contact Annie Robinson at if you are able to donate items for the bake sale.


Items can be dropped off in the PTA office on Wednesday, April 1 (look for the big labeled bin). Items can also be dropped off at the Bake Sale Table on the day of the event.

  • Please NO NUTS, peanut butter, or nut butter in the baked goods. 
  • Packaged snacks are also welcome for those with severe allergies.  (potential allergens:  dairy, soy, wheat, nuts, & egg)
  • Items need to be individually wrapped and will be sold for $1


Science Fair is Next Week!

Room assignments will be sent out tomorrow, Saturday, March 28. If your student is expecting to be at the science fair and you don't get an email about their project tomorrow, please e-mail James Dooley at The schedule of events are as follows:

Grades K-1

5:00 - 5:30: Arrive and set up in your assigned room

5:30 - 6:15: Judging (All participants need to be at their boards for judging.)

6:15 - 6:30: Go to Library for raffle and closing statements

K-1 students will not need to leave their room to participate in the Scavenger Hunt

K-1 students are free to go home at 6:30pm.


Grades 2-3

5:30 - 6:15: Arrive and set up in your assigned room

6:15 - 7:00: Judging (All participants need to be at their boards for judging.)

7:00 - 7:45: Scavenger Hunt

7:45 - 8:00: Go to Gym for raffle and closing statements


Grades 4-5

5:30 - 6:15: Arrive and set up in your assigned room

6:15 - 6:45: Scavenger Hunt

6:45 - 7:45: Judging (All participants need to be at their boards for judging.)

7:45 - 8:00: Go to Gym for raffle and closing statements

Please if your child has decided not to participate.


Helpful resources to complete projects can be found here.

Academic Challenge: Final Form due in April
Final forms are due Friday, April 24th

Final forms for the Academic Challenge are due Friday, April 24, 2015. All forms for book reports, computer programming, math, typing, and the final submission form should be either stapled together or sealed in an envelope. There will be a box located in the school office beginning Monday, April 20th.  No late work will be accepted.

Questions? Please email Jessica or Melissa at

Attention 5th grade parents! Teacher Tea is coming!

Wednesday, April 29 1:30-3:30 pm 


This is a fun opportunity for 5th graders to serve their teachers and show their appreciation. Interested in being part of the planning committee? Please contact Emmy Park at


PHOTOS STILL NEEDED OF YOUR CHILD FOR THE 5th GRADE MOVIE We need 1-2 baby/toddler photos and 1-2 extracurricular activity photos. Please email photos to 


4th and 5th Graders - Love to sing, dance or act? Drama Club needs you!

Studio East and your PTA are seeking 50 students for this year's play - Arabian Nights.  It's a series of fun vignettes including some singing and dancing and a lot of laughs. The first 50 students registered get a part - no experience necessary! Rehearsals begin with Auditions on April 27th and continue after school Monday, Tuesday, Thursday (with some Wednesdays and Fridays) through the production on June 12th and 13th at Newport High.  Don't worry if you have a couple of weekly commitments - conflicts provided up front are excused absences from regular rehearsals.  There are, however, 6 mandatory rehearsals. Note the important dates below:



April 15th:  Opens at 6:30am


Mandatory Parent Meeting

April 20th @ 7:00 pm in the Puesta del Sol Library


April 27th & 28th.  Sign your child up for their 45 min group sessions at the parent meeting.

Mandatory Rehearsals (ALL CAST)

April 30th & May 4th 3:30 - 6:00 pm @ Puesta del Sol

June 8th & 9th 3:30 - 6:30 pm @ Puesta del Sol

June 10th & 11th 4:00 - 7:15pm @ Newport High School


Friday, June 12th and Saturday June 13th at 7:00 pm


Check out the drama club page for details. Contact with additional questions


Music News: Upcoming Concerts

April 15th (Wednesday) 1st grade 6pm, 2nd grade 7pm


April 22nd (Wednesday) 3rd grade 6pm, 4th grade 7pm


May 6th (Wednesday) Marimba Bands Final Concert 7pm


May 26th (Tuesday)  Puesta del Sol Band/Orchestra @ PDS Gym 7pm


Library News

Birthday Book Club - This is the time of year when school starts flying by!  Please remember our library by donating a book in honor of your student's birthday. The library "Wish List" is on Amazon - click on Wish List at the top of the Amazon page and put in Puesta del Sol.  A book plate with your student's name will be put on the inside cover of the book and your student will receive a special "Thank You" at the end of the year. Your Birthday Book Club donations are a primary source of books for our library and are much appreciated. 


Lost Books - The following are guidelines for lost books and refunds that are now in place at Puesta del Sol and are comparable to other libraries in the Bellevue School District. 

  1. A student with a lost or missing book must pay for or replace the lost book before continuing to check out. 
  2. Payment for a lost book can be made by check made out to Puesta del Sol and brought to the library or payment can be made on-line through the Bellevue School District website (instructions for paying on line can be picked up at our library). 
  3. A refund will be made if the book is found and returned during the same school year, if it is in good condition, and if the cost is $20 or more. 
  4. Although we would appreciate a lost book of any cost be returned to the library, lost books costing less than $20 that have been paid for become the property of the student.

Thank you all for helping to keep our book collection up to date and in good health!!  Please speak with Mrs. Brody if you have any additional questions.  

Lost and Found: Going, Going...Nearly Gone!
Please remember to check the Lost and Found!!  All unclaimed items and clothing without names will be donated on Friday, April 3rd!!

Bellevue Schools Foundation : Spring For Schools Luncheon

Friday, April 24 11:00am - 1:15pm * Bellevue Hyatt Hotel

The PTA Presidents and Puesta del Sol's BSF Ambassador Koan Maurer would like to invite you to join them at the Spring For Schools Luncheon. 
Funds raised at the luncheon will support transformative pilot projects district-wide, such as the elementary STEM initiative, and support for students in need through programs like VIBES and kindergarten early literacy intervention.  Attending is a great way to see what's going on in Bellevue's public schools and learn how donors make a difference. 
If you would like to join us at one of the tables, please sign-up here.
If you're unable to attend, you may still make a contribution to help the foundation reach their goal by giving online at the Foundation's website

Upcoming Free Parent Education Classes

April 1st 

Bellevue Schools Foundation / VIBES Volunteering presented by the Bellevue Schools Foundation
6:30 p.m. in the Big Room at Jubilee Reach

14200 SE 13th Place, Bellevue


Representatives from the Bellevue Schools Foundation will be discussing the following:

  • What is the Bellevue Schools Foundation?
  • Why is it important to our community?
  • What initiatives and programs does the Bellevue Schools Foundation support and fund?
  • What is the VIBES program?
  • Different ways the community can be involved and why it is so critical right now.

April 15th
Cafecitos con la comunidad Latinapresented by Eastside Latino Leadership Form (ELLF)
6:30 p.m. in the Big Room at Jubilee Reach

14200 SE 13th Place, Bellevue


Una oportunidad para platicar de las oportunidades, preocupaciones o preguntas que existen en nuestra comunidad. Tendremos chocolate y pan dulce.

April 22nd
Early Childhood presented by Paula Steinke, Childcare Resources
6:30 p.m. in the Big Room at Jubilee Reach

14200 SE 13th Place, Bellevue


Paula Steinke, Childcare Resources will be presenting on the importance of Early Childhood discussions with parents.  These discussions will help children be ready for Kindergarten.

April 29th
Brightspace, presented by Eric Ferguson, Director of CTE and Instructional Technology, Bellevue School District
6:30 p.m. in the Big Room at Jubilee Reach

14200 SE 13th Place, Bellevue


Eric Ferguson, Director of CTE and Instructional Technology, Bellevue School District, will be presenting on the following about Brightspace:

  • What is Brightspace?
  • How to access the site?
  • What information is on the site?

International Festival, which was held last weekend, was a great success.  Families enjoyed experiencing other cultures and seeing what the children have been up to. A huge thank you to the amazing event volunteers, Amities, Sra. Rose,
Carlos Blanco,
our MC,
Scott Polovitch-Davis
, our stage manager and the PTA for making this event so special and memorable. Thank you to Alejandra Anaya, Karen Bass, Kathleen Callahan, and Renee Isbell for bringing this program back to Puesta Del Sol.
We appreciate all you do for the community at our school.
- GG Haight



It's that time of year to start registering your child for summer camps!  Did you know that the PTA website has a webpage dedicated to summer camps and programs available in our community? You can also access it through the top menu on our Community Events Page. This year, thanks to a fellow parent at Cherry Crest Elementary, there is also a search engine available to help you plan and register your kids for local summer camps!  Puesta del Sol summer camps will be available for registration soon.
Check out this year's list of camps at Puesta del Sol.




Every day of the Year! 


All Locations 




12821 SE 38th St, Bellevue, 98006


How to Participate?  Details at: 



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Amity Interns at
Puesta del Sol 

Help us welcome them into our school community.  Consider inviting them to your home for dinner, or if your family has a fun activity planned, invite them along.  Click here to find information for tutoring or visiting with our Amity Interns.