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President's Message 

Congratulations to member Amy Demboski on her reelection to the Anchorage Assembly. We are proud of all her hard work and dedication to our community.
We also congratulate our member Kay Schuster on a hard fought campaign. As many of you know, Kay was ahead 400 votes on election night, but after all votes were tallied, she lost the election by only 68 votes. This race and the other losses on the Assembly demonstrate to us that we have a lot of work to do. We have to work harder to get our Republican family, friends and neighbors out so we can win these crucial elections. Help us #pumpoutthevote!

Most of us are gearing up to help candidates in the upcoming state legislative races.  There are grave concerns that Republicans can keep the majority in the House. We all need to do our part to ensure we elect and reelect Republicans to maintain our Republican majorities. We also need to commit ourselves to staying in touch with our elected officials to remind them of the will of the constituency and to honor the campaign promises that got these people elected.
I hope to see many of you in Fairbanks at the convention.  One would be hard pressed to identify a more exciting and competitive race than the one for Party Chair.  Regardless of who is elected ARWC is looking forward to better organization, teamwork, and transparency within the Party.
We have some exciting events coming up and as soon as we lock down exact dates and locations, we will let you know.
Thank you for your continued support!  
It is that time of year again, time to renew your membership for 2016! Please join today!

Even if you are unable to attend meetings and events on a regular schedule, we need your support for all of the city, state and national elections happening in 2016! 
We also have a new opportunity for student members for our High School or College Students to join at a reduced rate.  Do you have a daughter, granddaughter, niece or neighbor who is young and interested, sign her up today!
Membership in our club has many benefits, including information regarding local events, opportunities to interact with our local officials, discounted entrance fees to our events, and the opportunity to mingle with the women who are the heart of the Republican Party!
April 17th marked the 90th day of the Legislative Session.  With no sine die adjournment announcement, the Legislature continues to work on budget negotiations (Permanent Fund Earrings Reserve Account restructuring, Conference Committee for HB 256 and HB 257, and Income Tax), and other legislation currently in the Finance Committees.  The legislature has considered the Governors budget proposal and several hybrid bills to address the $4 billion deficit. 
Medicaid Reform (SB 74) passed with a combined vote of 52-6.  With over 130,000 Alaskans qualifying for Medicaid, this is a huge cost driver in the budget.  The Department of Health and Social Services has calculated savings from the Senate Medicaid reform work of up to $33 million in the first year of implementation, and up to $113 million by fiscal year 2022.  Anticipated savings come from reducing the number of unnecessary visits to the emergency room; encouraging the use of primary care; reducing travel expenses by better coordinating office visits; reducing pharmacy costs and improper use of opioids; eliminating user fraud; and increasing access to telemedicine.  
Criminal Justice Reform (SB 91) passed the Senate with a vote of 16-2.  This bill is still under consideration in the House Finance Committee.  This bill aims at improving public safety, offender accountability and cost savings.  If passed into law, the changes would reduce Alaska's average daily prison population (over 5,000 prisoners) by 15 percent and save the state an estimated $380 million over the next decade.  The bill incorporates recommendations of the Alaska Criminal Justice Commission, one of which includes reinvesting roughly $87 million in savings into victims' services and programs to reduce crime.  
Marijuana Regulation (HB 75) is being considered in Conference Committee.  This legislation defines and clarifies provisions of Ballot Measure 2 and provides additional processes for implementing AS 17.38 at the municipal level. 
State Employee & Officer Compensation (HB 379) was recently introduced by the House Rules Chair Representative Craig Johnson.  This bill eliminates pay step increases and pay increments for certain state employees.  This bill is still in the House, but may be a tool in budget negotiations.

 ARP STATE CONVENTION-April 28-30 , 2016 Fairbanks, Alaska

Over 400 state delegates will meet in Fairbanks to elect new party officers and select delegates and alternates to the National Convention. Cruz, Trump and Rubio State Leadership Teams are currently involved in the selection of these delegates who will represent the State of Alaska in Cleveland this summer.

Ann Brown, Chairman of the 
Convention, along with many other Fairbanks Republicans have been working for over a year to ensure this convention is the best ever held. 

To find out more about the Chairman candidates go to: 
Find more information at:

2016 is here, ladies... and it is time to pump out the vote!  So, put on your red shoes and volunteer to help our candidates.

Track your time spent volunteering for campaigns, and drop us a line at pumpvote@yahoo.com to let us know how many hours you are accumulating.  And stay tuned for more exciting news on the superheros in our midst...

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