Not the end of the world, but the end of the world as we know it?
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Ever wondered... 
  • What do I do when LinkedIn hides the full name of the contact I want to reach? 
  • How do I find e-mail addresses for hiring managers? 
  • What do I do when I ask someone to help me get in their company and they say, "Go to the website and apply online." 
  • How do I get around other gatekeepers?
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Insider Edge to Social Media: 3 Success Secrets of Getting Hired 

If you missed it...
Our Ask The Experts Interview with Jason Alba is available.

Having an effective résumé is critical for earning interviews, but it alone does not land you a job. In order to execute a swift, successful job transition, you also have to:

  • Present a consistent brand, online and offline
  • Develop and implement a sound distribution strategy
  • Invest your time wisely
  • Avoid the common pitfalls
  • Many job seekers express have similar, frustrating experiences in their job transition. Most of the causes for these experiences are completely avoidable.

In this Ask the Experts webinar, Karen Huller addresses what you can do to remove resistance in your job transition momentum and gain traction fast.


Within 4 weeks you could be in-process with 3-5 viable opportunities and feel much more in control of your professional future.


Sounds good, right?


View the video archive to understand how you can UNVEIL YOUR BRILLIANCE and take charge of your career transition.

 January 16, 2013 - Winter Newsletter

We're still here. There was no end to the world...yet.


For the most part, I didn't take the impending Armageddon seriously. I made plans for the future. I moved forward with initiatives. I even scheduled a gig for the "last night on earth." There was a subconscious part of me that feared the end, as I discovered from my dreams. A part of me was sad, especially when I looked at my little girls and thought about all of the possibilities that would not be for them if the world actually met its demise. A larger part of me was actually hopeful. I thought maybe it was at least the end of the world as we know it and the beginning of a new, brighter, better world.


Whether that will prove to be the case, since it was obviously not an instantaneous event, I am personally committing to implementing projects that will make an impact. Though our mission statement has served us well, it is definitely time to expand it and to look at how we can make a bigger difference, a difference that is needed to end career grief, talent misalignment and waste, and financial suffering.  


We would like to begin a new era of passion-driven careering, unprecedented productivity, and widespread bliss. We might be reaching for the stars here, but so what if we only hit the moon? We have a plan, and this newsletter is not just about telling you what it is; it is a call to action to join us! Individually, we are powerful, but there is nothing that can be done solitarily that can't be done exceedingly better by a focused collaboration of well-intended minds.


If this doesn't appeal to you, share it with someone else. There are a lot of people out there looking for purpose and I know this one is worthwhile.


The format of this newsletter is a little different from any of our past newsletters. This is an EASY read. Read first in the left column what we have been able to accomplish under our old mission. Secondly, check out our new mission. This is a list of impacts that we hope to make. Then, read about the projects that we are implementing in 2013 to make these impacts. Finally, there is a list of SIMPLE things that you can do to further us in our mission and make an impact of your own.


Cheers to a better, brighter 2013! 

What impact do we want to make?
    by Karen Huller



We want to:

  • Escort job seekers through their leap of faith in the job search best practices and prove to them that they work.
  • Empower people to take charge of their careers.
  • Inspire people to align their career and life goals.
  • Make it easier to abandon ineffective habits and adopt new helpful habits that foster success.
  • Make career and job transition management fun!
  • Change the paradigm of careering from "needing a job" to "driven to contribute."
  • Help job seekers not only uncover the hidden job market, but create their own jobs.
  • Share wealth strategies that free people to work where they are happy.
  • Heighten employee engagement by ensuring that job seekers land where they are able to thrive.
  • Boost job creation by removing some of the cost and risk associated with creating jobs.
  • Remove some of the challenges that exist in identifying and qualifying talent.
  • Shorten the recruiting cycle while enhancing the candidate-job matching process.
What is new for us in 2013
  by Karen Huller

A new website with clear pricing and service packages

  • We have always believed that people come to us with their own unique set of challenges. While that is still true, many people experience the same challenges as well.
  • We have come to recognize that people do not want to waste their time investigating services that they cannot afford, even if they get something free, like a résumé and campaign evaluation - Go figure!
  • Our current list of services is a bit daunting, so...
  • When we launch our new website, it will promote 3 service packages (Budget, Get Me Going, and Take Me All The Way) for 3 different levels of professionals (Junior, Senior, and Executive) and 2 different types of professionals (Information Technology and non-Information Technology.)


  •  We will utilize social media to gather consequential intelligence on job searching and/or hiring and report on the data collected in a blog or vlog monthly.
  • We will profile real-life case studies of transition success stories in a monthly vlog, blog or as a podcasted interview.
  •  Every month we will continue our education, either by reading a book, attending a course or engaging a coach, and we will pass on some "nuggets of brilliance" and review the medium in a blog or vlog.
  • One vlog/blog per month will be a wild card, and can even be requested by you.
Mobile App
  • We are currently seeking Series A funding for a job search mobile application that incorporates emerging technologies and e-learning methods to help job seekers enjoy new echelons of success in their career campaigns.
  • There will be a highly social component.
  • Recruiters and employers will have their own interface.

Another Helping Hands Job Fair

  • This is a volunteering event benefiting a non-profit and the people they serve, in which employers, recruiters and job seekers work together on hands-on projects to become better acquainted and serve the community at the same time.
  •  We had 3 of these events from 2008 to 2009.
  • Our volunteers worked on winterization projects, landscaping projects and sorted donations at a Habitat for Humanity Re-store.
  • For each event we had a small team, but my hope was always to have several small teams and 5 or 6 community-focused employers participate. 

Return of live workshops, though the format may pleasantly surprise you - Get ready to ROCK n ROLL!

  • My LinkedIn workshops were growing in popularity when I had to step back after having a baby.  
  • By the time I was ready to get back in the game, LinkedIn trainers were EVERYWHERE!  
  • Speaking and training is a passion and talent of mine, but I knew with a little one (and now two) I needed to prioritize my efforts and competing with a bunch of bandwagon jumpers was not high on my list.  
  • This renewed mission and my hankering for performance is making me realize that I need to coach as many people as possible at once.  
  • What better way to get "cheeks in the seats" than to also make it a f*r*e*e* musical performance.  
  • We will use music to get our points across.  
  • You will use dance (and listening) to absorb the information and inspiration.

2 e-books

  •   30 Days to Laser-sharp Career Focus
  •   30 Days to Sustainable JoMo (Job Momentum)
Make an impact of your own!

As proud as we are of what we have already contributed, the impact that I want to make is much greater, as you can see, and it requires a much larger national audience and new national partners. If any of these desired impacts resonate with you and you would like to contribute, here are some things that you can do:

  • Share this newsletter with job seekers, recruiters, human resources professionals and investors.
  • Encourage them to sign up for our mailing list.
  • Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter.
  • Share our posts and retweet our tweets.
  • Subscribe to our vlog and our blog.
  • If our information, advice, introductions, services or products have already made a difference in your career and/or your life, even if you were not a client, please provide us with a genuine recommendation (via e-mail to or via LinkedIn and tell people how.
  • Read the projects that we are working on in 2013. If any of them appeal to you, let us know and perhaps you can make a contribution as well.
  • Let college juniors and seniors know that we are looking for purposeful interns. Business majors, communications majors or English majors are highly desirable, but any major will be acceptable if the student is looking for a job that makes a difference.
  • We are looking for socially responsible employers for our 2013 Helping Hands Job Fair now! If you are one or know one, please help us get them on board.
  • A Volunteer and/or Project Coordinator is necessary to pull together all of the logistics for the Helping Hands Job Fair. This is a volunteer position and is perfect for someone who wants exposure to employers.
  • I am looking for local musicians and a sound-ready church or hall to put on F*REE monthly musical coaching performances. 
Personal News:

Harpers Ferry is back at the Bridgeport Ribhouse February 16th from 9-1.
     We would like to play in 2013, and are booked for a wedding, but the bar gigs are pretty hard on us parents. If you would like to book a band for a community, private or corporate event, contact We play classic rock, rock, funk, blues, Motown and soul.

Giuliana Yeager was born August 31st. Congratulations Paola, Dan and big brother Simon.

MacKenzie Hines was born October 27th. Congratulations, Shannon, Tom and big sister, Hannah.
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