Back to School - 2013
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It's time for Back to School!




At this special time of year...

The Home Baking Association provides resources and teaching aids to jumpstart the new school year!  Be sure to check-out the back-to-school offer with a special gift included with each order.  Thank you for teaching others to bake!


The Home Baking Association



This new culinary resource includes all the basics on one CD for easy access!


  • A Baker's Pantry of Resources - Extensive 12 page resource listing to help answer all your questions
  • Baking Terms and Techniques Glossary (350+ terms)
  • Kitchen Science:  Baking for Special Needs Lesson Plan
  • Foods Skills Check-list - student activity
  • Safe Kitchen Check-list
  • The Thrill of Skill - developing food skills from age two
  • Ten Tips for Baking Success
  • Cost:  $25.00


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Teaching Aids from the Wheat Foods Council


Fad Diets click here


Gluten in the Diet click here


Six Things Everyone Should Know
Wheat click here



Wheat Foods Council is a
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Get Your Patches!


Patch Programs for Scouts Clubs & Groups  

  • Teacher/leader guide and student activities
  • Grades K-12

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2014 Educator Award Contest

Do you teach baking in a classroom or community program?  Start planning your entry and be eligible to win $1,000 and a trip to the 2014 Home Baking Association Annual Meeting. Entry deadline is March 31, 2014!


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Try this Experiment!


What is double acting baking powder?  Learn about lift, leavening and the science of baking with the "Peanut Lift" experiment!

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JCEP - Galaxy IV



The Home Baking Association will be presenting a pre-conference workshop at Galaxy IV. Join us as we make this very special presentation.


Baking for Special Needs

Monday, September 16, 2013

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1:00 to 5:00 pm

Renaissance Hotel

Pittsburgh, PA






Baking Glossary! - 
Baker's Glossary


Ingredients used in baked goods to lighten the
texture, develop flavor, produce distinctive cell structure and increase volume. Leavening agents include heat and moisture (steam), beaten eggs or egg whites, baking soda, baking powder, cream of tartar, and yeast. Historical terms for leavening: Latin = levre = to raise; also called "lifter."

Teaching Resources

Receive a FREE gift sack with extra teaching resources now through September 30 with any Home Baking Association order.  The Home Baking Association would like to THANK YOU for teaching baking!  


Offer Expires: September 30th, 2013

The Home Baking Association provides resources for classroom, community organizations, before/after school programs and home school to help teach baking.    

HBA Resources Available
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Baking Survey


In the near future the Home Baking Association will be sending you a survey to determine resources and information that can be developed to best fit your needs. We would very much appreciate your participation.   


Thank You

The Home Baking Association is provided with quality educational materials, recipes, and important resources that help us achieve our mission of promoting home baking by providing tools and knowledge to perpetuate generations of future home bakers. A complete directory of Home Baking Association member for can be found on our website. -click here