April 2013
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Baking Webinar  



Seats are limited so reserve yours now! 


Baking Substitution Science Webinar!   


Register now for the Baking Substitution Science Webinar! The Home Baking Association and HBA member Cabot Creamery will present a 45-minute "Baking Substitution Science" webinar. The webinar will provide information for baking substitutions including Greek yogurt, whole grains, multi-grain flours and meal, agave nectar, stevia/sugar blend and sodium reduction.

Due to high demand we are offering the same webinar on two dates:

: Tuesday, April 23, 2013 - RSVP Here  


WEBINAR 2: Wednesday, April 24, 2013 - RSVP Here

TIME: Both webinars are 4:30PM EST / 3:30PM CST

PRESENTER: Sharon Davis, Family & Consumer Sciences Education - Home Baking Association

WHERE: Connection information will be sent upon RSVP



Shaping Lesson... 


Grandma's Refrigerator Dough
Braids, Rolls and more!!!!

Grandma's Refrigerator Dough


A great recipe to use for shaping dough! This recipe makes two large braids or three small braids.


Click here for recipe   



New Baking Guide Cards


The Baking Temperature Guide Card is the latest in the series of four guide cards and includes 13 temperature settings! Other guide cards include: Measurement, Ingredient and Pan Substitutions have been updated. These are great give away resources!

Each guide is packaged with 25 cards/$5.00.
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Welcome New Members!
The Home Baking Association welcomes new members, California Wheat Commission, Texas Wheat, and Viddlz. Thank you new members!

The Home Baking Association is a non-profit corporation. Members are persons, firms or corporations, trade or non-profit associations engaged directly or indirectly in promoting scratch baking. Become a member - information here.

Baking for Profit

Resource for Schools & Community Programs   


Today's the day. If you love food, here's your chance to transform your passion for food into your dream job. Viddlz just launched a visionary new platform and marketplace that will change the way food lovers discover and connect with other food lovers, and buy/sell artisan food.  


If you have ever thought about starting a baking business in your home, school or community, visit www.viddlz.com and its Resource Center to learn more about the resources Viddlz provides.


Baking Glossary! - click here

Visit our newly revised Glossary with over 350 terms!    



(n.) Kitchen device to accurately record the weight of an
ingredient or food; bakers use for consistent results; scales may
be balance, spring or electronic: (v) To weigh pieces of dough for
equal portioning before shaping or batter before distributing in pans.

Featured Resource
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Baking for Success DVD     Three baking lessons; ready-to-print 20-page curriculum guide; copy-ready worksheets and recipes; baking terms, tips and resources. All lessons include activities for beginning, intermediate or advanced student bakers.  

* Fudge Brownies - The Ultimate American Bar Cookie (8:53)
* Cornbread
- A Piece of History on the Plate (7:52)
* Focaccia
- The Italian Baker's (11:11)




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Other Resources Available
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Baking with Friends
The Home Baking Association is provided with quality educational materials, recipes, and important resources that help us achieve our mission of promoting home baking by providing tools and knowledge to perpetuate generations of future home bakers. A complete directory of Home Baking Association member for can be found on our website. -click here