"Bake For Family Fun" - 2013
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Celebrate "Bake for Family Fun" Year-Round!



Children of all ages will benefit when baking with their families!  As "Bake for Family Fun Month" comes to a close this week, find ways to explore the skills and benefits that are gained when families bake together throughout the rest of the year!

Visitors to HomeBaking.org will find many exciting recipes and activities featured in the Bake for Family Fun section of the website.  


Enjoy baking together,

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A Weekly Adventure!
Week 1:  Let's Get Started Baking

With Pretzels and M&Ms, this recipe will provide lots of opportunities for mixing and pouring. Click Here

"Good Day Granola!" Introduce whole grains! Click Here

Week 2:  Baking for My Valentine!

It's a family affair!  Make this cake together and savor every delicious bite! Click Here

"Fudge Brownies for My Family" Activity. Click Here

Week 2:  Baking History and Traditions

Bunny Cake - Start a family tradition and make this bunny cake together! Click Here

5th & 6th Grade Activity: "Baking Traditions." Click Here

Week 4: Baking for Others

Crazy Critter Cupcakes - Children will love decorating these cupcakes to share with others! Click Here 


Activity: Bake pet treats to share! Click Here 




For more Bake for Family Fun recipes and activities, Click Here   


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Baking with Friends A great resource for families, teachers and youth leaders! The hardback Baking with Friends has received five awards and includes 31 recipes. Each recipe features a fun fact, vocabulary word and family activity.   Order Baking with Friends book ($20) this week and receive a special gift pack of recipes, dough scraper, yeast packet, measuring spoon and extra goodies for baking! 


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6 Things Everyone Should Know...

Baking Survey


The Home Baking Association is planning a 30-minute "Baking Substitution Science" webinar for early 2013. The webinar will provide information for baking substitutions including Greek yogurt, whole grains, agave nectar, stevia/sugar blend and sodium reduction. Please complete this brief survey to assist us in planning.


Take the survey by clicking here!  

Educators Win $1000!

Baking Educators Win $1,000.00!  


Enter the 2013 Home Baking Association Educator Award Contest and be eligible to win $1,000! The top entry will also receive an all-expenses paid trip for two to the 2013 Home Baking Association Annual Meeting. All entrants will receive a complimentary HBA teaching resource. Whether you teach in the classroom, community programs, organizations or at home....anyone teaching baking to others is encouraged to enter. Entry deadline is March 31, 2013!


Entry deadline is March 31, 2013!



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Baking Glossary!

Visit our newly revised Glossary with over 350 terms!



A cloth or plastic cover garment bakers wear for both food sanitation and to protect cloth.

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Baking for Success DVD     Three baking lessons; ready-to-print 20-page curriculum guide; copy-ready worksheets and recipes; baking terms, tips and resources. All lessons include activities for beginning, intermediate or advanced student bakers.  

* Fudge Brownies - The Ultimate American Bar Cookie (8:53)
* Cornbread
- A Piece of History on the Plate (7:52)
* Focaccia
- The Italian Baker's (11:11)




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Baking with Friends
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