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Capstone Conversation With Jeanne Bliss


Jeanne Bliss is the Founder of Customer Bliss, a company formed to create clarity and an actionable path for driving the customer loyalty commitment into business operations.


Jeanne developed her passion for customer loyalty through stints at Lands' End, Coldwell Banker, Allstate, Microsoft, and Mazda.


At the 2012 CCH User Conference Jeanne spoke about the five decisions that drive devoted customers, devoted employees, and business growth.


During our Capstone Conversation Jeanne shared her thoughts about the consequences of not measuring client satisfaction, the role client satisfaction plays in the sales process, revamping the hiring process, and moments of truth.

One of the conflicts or challenges, if you will, is the ability for the partners and staff of the CPA firm to spend that extra time with their clients to uncover those needs and help create that experience and that takes away billable time.


Jeanne Bliss: Well, there's the rub. What this is about is a mind shift in terms of the intent in motivation about how you will grow your business and what will drive how you will grow your business. Many companies are very marketing driven; it's all about acquisition. What they don't think about is that, within your current customer base, if you think about the fact that you could actually provide them with more services beyond the executing of traditional services, you may lose a little bit of billable hours initially, but you're going to earn that much farther back long term in growth of your customer base.


When you start thinking about these things in a deliberate way it puts pressure on the traditional methods of compensation. That's where companies really need to start rethinking, "Are they driving the right behavior with the way they are compensating and tracking billable hours," for example.


Click here to read the complete Capstone Conversation with Jeanne Bliss
Click here to listen to the complete Capstone Conversation with Jeanne Bliss


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