Nebraska Association of County Officials
and UNL Extention Service
February 9, 2015

County Officials...


This is the last call for registrations for the NACO Institute of Excellence.

The deadline for registration is Friday, February 13th.
Yes, that is the end of this week!  Payment is not required till after the Institute starts and NACO will bill your county at that time.

Go to  and look for Upcoming Events. Click on NE Extension Registration...wait a few seconds or so for the form to appear, fill it in and click Submit. Your registration will "magically" end up in NE Extension Educator, Carroll Welte's email inbox. It's that easy!


If you fear the magic (and all of us do at some point), you can email the form as an attachment to  But, save the form with a new file name first. Or simply print it and fax it to (402) 374-2929. The Burt County  Extension Office is on high alert and looking for registrations.


For program details click on either Program Schedule, Meeting Locations and/or Brochure. Or call Carroll at (402) 870-1188 or Phyllis at (402) 366-4281 to learn more about the Institute and how it can benefit you, a leader of county government.


The clock's ticking, so take time today to register for the 2015 NACO Institute of Excellence. The program starts March 5th in North Platte and March 12th in Lincoln.

People elected and appointed to county office are perceived by the public as being leaders, capable of making decisions in the best interest of the people they serve. Leadership is more than just answering to the public, though. It's about listening and working with people to bring about change that ultimately leads to a better condition, place or situation.  To become better at shifting between manager and leader, enroll today in the NACO Institute of Excellence.  According to one graduate, "...incremental change can result in big rewards."
The NACO Institute of Excellence is a year-long program of professional development for county officials.

Enrollment is now open for the 2015 Institute beginning in March. Several areas of personal leadership development will be presented including one's:
  • personality preferences and leadership behaviors,
  • leadership mission, and
  • active listening skills.

Further into the year participants will learn skills for

  • managing conflicts,
  • leading meetings, and
  • corresponding with legislators.

Topics about influencing others and innovative thinking will move officials to lead at a higher level.