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March 2014
EPN Urgent Care 
Staff Spotlight
We are proud that Jean Uffalussy is a part of our EPN Urgent Care family. Jane is an x-ray technician at EPN and performs many other supportive tasks with a smile. Before EPN, Jane worked as a nurse at a hospital in Western Pennsylvania.  Jane says that the best thing about her job is the daily interaction with the diverse group of patients from all over the world. "We see drivers licenses and passports from everywhere. It is great to be able to interact with various groups of people from all different walks of life," says Jane. "That is what's so great about serving the community of Naples," she added. Keep up the good work!
11 Easy Do-It-Yourself Spring Cleaning Tips

DIY Cleaning It is almost time for your annual  cleaning rituals as the official start of spring quickly approaches.  But this year, leave the bleach and the Pine Sol on the shelf. Many traditional household cleaning products such as these are toxic and can be hazardous to your health. Luckily, there are alternative ways to keep things fresh with natural cleaning products you can make yourself.

Click here for 11 natural cleaning products  (Today.com) 

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"The physician was extremely helpful diagnosing my ear problem.  He was thorough and patient, listening to all my problems. Thank you."

-Patient Comment, 2/18/14     


"Thank you very much.  This may have been the easiest, nicest clinic I have ever been to.  Much appreciated during a vacation when sick."

-Patient Comment, 2/24/14




Study: Stress Can Quickly  
Harm Kids Health 

Stressful events can have an almost immediate impact on children's health and well-being, a new study finds. Previous research has shown that stressful events in childhood increase an adult's risk of health problems, but this study shows that these consequences may occur much sooner.

Click for more on the immediate effect of stress on kids (MSN.com)   


Seven Types of Tea For Any Aliment

Healing Tea Whether it's green, chamomile, ginger or lemon, there is a tea for your ailments what ails you. Tea can help us to aid the prevention of anything from anxiety to the common cold.  With so many options out there, it is hard to decipher what type of tea is best for which type of ailment.   This article takes an in-depth look at the medical qualities of seven different types of tea.