The Moonshot Moment Eblast
Issue: # 10October 29, 2013 

"Good instruction can prevent a lifetime of difficulties: A good beginning has no end."


-Judith Birsch

Author, Mulitsensory Teaching of Basic Language

From Skeptical to Sensational
Sebastian Elementary: "Learning to Read so They Can Read to Learn"
Sebastian Elementary third-grade teacher Pam Reeves with her second-grade son and reading superstar, Dylan

"Oh no! Not another way to teach reading," was the common theme heard amongst Sebastian Elementary School teachers as their principal, Letitia Whitfield-Hart announced that their school would be implementing Fundations last year.  However, as Fundations teachers from other schools stood up in the meeting to share their personal stories of student successes through Fundations, the skepticism quickly turned into cautious optimism.  Today, with Fundations in Kindergarten through second grade, and the ongoing support of TLA mentor Sue Curtis, the teachers couldn't wait to praise the program they once dreaded.  Here are some direct quotes from teachers in K-3:


"I love it! I absolutely love it! The kids are excited, and I have seen faster, better results than with anything before. I have also seen phenomenal progress in the FAIR that came to me not knowing their letter sounds are working on their letter blends in a matter of months." 

--Mary Ellen Cartee, Kindergarten


"I understand as a teacher what I was missing before....the sequence, how to actually TEACH reading and spelling.  I've always been a great reader, but couldn't explain the rules of reading and spelling when kids struggled. But I can now! The support from Sue Curtis, Brooke Flood, our reading coach, and our administrators is also invaluable."

--Carlene Howle, First Grade


"My first grade son, Dylan, has grown so much with Fundations that he is reading words that some of my third grade students who didn't have Fundations can't read. He is even teaching his 22-month-old sister at home! As a third grade teacher, I foresee that the upcoming students who have had the benefit of the program won't have to learn to read and we will be able to spend all of our time reading to learn!"

--Pam Reeves, Third Grade 


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Fundations is fantastic because it is a...



...word study program that incorporates reading, writing, spelling, and handwriting.



...multi-sensory learning utilizing auditory, visual, kinesthetic, and tactile senses.



...system using direct and explicit instruction.



...program where students are retaught until skills are mastered.



...stepping stone approach where new skills build upon previously learned skills.


...tool for building vocabulary, reading fluency and comprehension.



...scientifically-based learning model.