The Moonshot Moment Eblast
Issue: # 3 May 16, 2013 
A National Literacy Conversation

Indian River County Has All Seven Conditions in Place for Literacy Transformation

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Social Change Expert Heidi Sparkes-Guber Returns to Vero Beach in May


Heidi Sparkes Guber is an internationally-recognized change agent specializing in community-wide social change. She jumped on board with the Moonshot Moment literacy movement because the conditions were right in Indian River County for success. "I have chosen to dedicate my time to social change initiatives that I think have the power to transform our nation.  For true transformation to take place, 3 of 7 conditions must be in place. Indian River County has all seven."


Heidi has been working alongside the School District and The Learning Alliance for over a year as they work toward the 90% literacy goal. She is also helping them see that the breakdowns that occur along the way in this journey will lead to important breakthroughs in learning during this unprecedented movement. She has most recently started working with community leaders who have joined the Moonshot Moment.  "You have created a transformational vision which will create a taste for action. You have a community which is aligning with a conscious commitment to the same end, and you are training leaders both within the school and within the community. I look forward to celebrating a bright new future with you where 90% literacy is the new normal."


Heidi will be coming to Vero Beach from May 21-23 to work closely with both School District and community leaders to keep the literacy train moving in the right direction toward our 2018 goal. 



To find out more about the many ways you can participate in making Indian River County the Literacy Capital of the United States, contact me at or visit:



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The Seven Key Factors For Community Literacy Breakthrough Success: 

1- NATIONAL ATTENTION ON THE ISSUE:  Nationwide consensus that the education system is not working

Evidence proves 3rd grade literacy is critical for future economic success 

3- VISIONARY SCHOOL LEADERSCreative and courageous school leadership committed to change

Key group of people that are emotionally, spiritually and financially dedicated to every child's success 

Proven methods and programs in place for best literacy education

6- RIGOROUS TEACHER/LEADER DEVELOPMENT AND TRACKING: Commitment to continuous teacher-excellence support and data-based improvements

7- COMMUNITY CROSS-SECTOR ALIGNMENT: Cross-sector community leaders willing to galvanize their diverse work around the singular goal of literacy for all children