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Numatics NEW 652 Series FRL
Modular, easy to assemble air preparation
Numatics NEW 652 Series Filter-Regulator-Lubricator (FRL) features the highest in-class flows and the widest high- and low-temperature ratings in the industry - making it ideal for a broad range of applications.
These modular FRL products have robust construction and are easy to assemble, mount and position. 

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Dorner logo SmartPace Dynamic Pacing Conveyors
Product pacing for package machine infeed
The SmartPace conveyor
 enhances packaged product orientation by receiving items and properly spacing them on the conveyor. 
Randomly spaced parts enter the conveyor and a photoeye detects product spacing. The conveyor's servo motor control automatically varies the conveyor speed and conveyor junction placement to generate an evenly spaced part.

The World's Most Flexible Hollow Shaft Encoder
Rugged, accurate and programmable - an industry first
The HS35 hollow shaft encoder is ideally suited to motor feedback and speed measurement. The HS35 can be matched to virtually any standard imperial or metric shaft size from 3/8" up to 1", and includes shaft isolation.
Programmable resolution and changeable shaft inserts mean that whatever your need, we have it on the shelf. 
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5 Megapixel Vision Systems 
The most advanced family of 5 megapixel vision systems in the world
World's fastest stand-alone 5MP vision system, the In-Sight 5705 with PatMax RedLine typically performs four to seven times faster than with PatMax.
World's smallest stand-alone 5MP vision system, the In-Sight 8405 is an ultra-compact 5MP (megapixel) vision system that is a perfect option for integrating into small spaces. 
World's only stand-alone 5MP color vision system, the In-Sight 5705C True Color Filtering and easy-to-use Color ID and Color Extraction tools make color inspections easier than ever

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CT4 High Speed Cartesian Robot 
With added Grip-and-Turn functionality
The CT4 high-speed Cartesian Robot shortens assembly/inspection cycle times by operating at high speed, ensuring high rigidity and demonstrating excellent straight moving performance. 

The CT4 is now equipped with a variation of Pick Rotate specification which provides a grip-and-turn function. The grip-and-turn function, for light work pieces, allows efficient handling of materials and shapes which are difficult to grip by vacuum.

* Please note that not all products may be available in Northern California region,
    but we encourage you to inquire with us for more information 


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