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Numatics NEW 652 Series FRL

Easy to assemble air preparation

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NEWTONLINE the New Industrial Gas Spring by ACE
NEWTONLINE the New Industrial
Gas Spring by ACE


MELSEC iQ-R Automation Controller
Integrated and powerful control for demanding applications
The New Mitsubishi iQ-R series CPU offers dramatic improvements in performance, setting new benchmark standards for processing speed. This not only enables users to realize enhanced system designs, but also provides the basis for significant reduction in hardware costs.
At the same time, the iQ-R series offers reductions in development cost, maintenance cost and risk of system failure, while providing an innovative upgrade path that will enable users to take advantage of ongoing developments through software upgrades rather than hardware upgrades.
With a scan time of 0.14 ms, the ability to process up to 419 instructions per millisecond, and a LD instruction speed of 0.98 ns, the iQ-R series sets new benchmark performance standards, helping to deliver increased productivity
Piab logo piCOMPACT®23 Revolutionizes Air Drive Vacuum Pumps 
Eliminate vacuum related downtime in your production
piCOMPACT®23 is the latest in a line of Piab vacuum generators that provides outstanding performance and quality. The new design increases uptime in your vacuum system to achieve more reliability. By working at a lower feed pressure and maximizing the utilization rate of the compressed air, the COAX® ejectors reduce energy consumption while increasing productivity and reliability. piCOMPACT®23 is ideal for medium or larger vacuum systems, such as palletizing of boxes and loading, sorting, transfer and unloading of different sheet materials.

Using Piab's unique COAX® cartridges, the world's smallest multistage vacuum ejector, the piCOMPACT®23 provides three times more vacuum flow than similar products. This reduces energy consumption by 30-50 percent compared with traditional ejectors, resulting in substantial sustainability benefits as well as energy and cost savings.

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DeStaco The DE-STA-CO Bag Gripper
Bag gripping and palletizing solutions
The DE-STA-CO DBG Series bag-gripping end effectors offer solutions extending beyond the wrist to provide complete pick-and-place and palletizing solutions.

DE-STA-CO DBG Series bag gripping end effectors offer end-of-line, pick-and-place palletizing solutions. The DBG Bag Gripper utilizes a simplified, lightweight design to provide our customers with the fastest, most reliable Bag Gripper available today.

DE-STA-CO DBG Series bag grippers utilizes a toggle-lock mechanism to hold bags secure even if air pressure is lost. With rapid actuation, the DBG can palletize up to 30 bags per minute when working in concert with robotic automation. 
  • Field Adjustable - Finger positions/Opening angle 
  • Simplified Design - No complicated linkages
  • Pneumatic fully enclosed actuator
  • Integrated open/closed position sensing
  • Optional spring and pnuematic controlled back-up
  • Optional slip sheet and pallet pick
  • Optional controls and valve package.
UQ1 Laser Measurement Controller Card
Providing seamless integration with Mitsubishi Q series PLC
The UQ1 displacement sensor controller unit from Optex FA was deisgned to provide direct connection between the Optex FA Laser measurement sensor and the Mitsubishi Q series PLC.  The high speed controller incorporates a built in microprocessor, which automatically communicate with the PLC, eliminating complex communications set-up.  The shared memory and data logging memory can be read by accessing the shared memory on the card.

When the sensor is wired to the card which is connected to the Q series bus, the controller card establishes communication with the sensor, reading the information from the sensor and placing the sensor's parameters and measurement data in internal and shared memory inside the card.

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