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Cognex PatMax RedLine™ reinvents the industry-leading PatMax® pattern-matching technology

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Cognex logo DataMan 150/260 Fixed Mount Readers    

Next Evolution in the DataMan Family


The DataMan 150/260 readers feature Cognex's best-in-class algorithms, 2DMax with PowerGrid™ and 1DMax with HotBars II™.


The DataMan 150/260 readers are fully configurable to meet the demand of ID applications today.

The DataMan 150 can be configured as a RS-232 or USB device, while the DataMan 260 is an Ethernet based reader. Each can be configured as a straight through or right angle device, and have various lighting and lensing options, including band pass and polarization filters.


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GOT2000 Graphical Operator Terminal

Your window to better production control


This new generation of operator interface products offers advanced features such as an intuitive gesture touch interface and a multitude of communications options including a wireless LAN interface. Other GOT2000 features include an SD card interface, expansion slots for optional communication, dual processors, and multi-touch control.


A range of screen sizes and levels of performance is available. 

  • High-speed processing even during high-load processing
  • Increased memory capacity
  • Easy operation with multi-touch gestures
  • Crisp display with outline fonts and PNG images


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IAI Logo ERC3 ROBO Cylinder with Built-in Controller
Maximum productivity at minimum cost


Transform your factory with the efficiency-improving, space-saving  ERC3 ROBO Cylinder®.

Because the controller is built-in, no additional controller is required.  The result is a smaller footprint of the control panel.  Also teaching can be performed near the actuator because the controller is built-in.


The ERC3 supports wide-ranging operations with 30% longer strokes and payloads and speeds have been increased by 1.5 times over conventional model. It's the most affordable in the ROBO Cylinder series!


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Numatics Logo 501 Series Panel Mount Adapter Plate

Saves space plus eliminates tubing and fittings 


These new panel mount adapter plates bring the Numatics 501 Series directional valve's high flow characteristics and compact size to pneumatic panel applications.


The mounting plate adapter allows original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end users to directly connect the 501 Series valve manifold to a panel in the wall or floor of a cabinet. All panel strength, integrity and certifications are maintained. The panel mount adapter plate is ideal for applications in the process industries where directional control valves are installed in a cabinet due to environmental or packaging constraints. These applications include food and beverage, pharmaceutical and packaging machinery, plus general machine automation.

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