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GS HMI - Simple Yet Advanced Functions

Entry-level visualization technology for the price-conscious


The new range of GS HMIs from Mitsubishi Electric are a cost-effective series offering a simple and flexible entry-level option for newcomers to the world of machine visualization.  Besides all the standard basic functions, it also includes additional ones such as data logging, FA transparent mode and operator authentication. 


The FA transparent function allows access to automation components such as PLCs, frequency inverters and servo amplifiers within a system via the HMI. This enables data from connected components to be viewed and parameters or other settings to be adjusted from a central location.

These 7" and 10" panels share a common specification apart from the size of the display.


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Wago logo 757-801 Bluetooth Module
Connecting serial interfaces and devices wirelessly 


WAGO's new 757-801 Bluetooth Module (RS-232, IP67) provides reliable and wireless data transmission for more efficient automation applications - no matter whether it is for operation in normal or harsh environmental conditions.


The Bluetooth Module allows you to wirelessly connect the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 with any external Bluetooth devices. The fully encapsulated 757-801 Module (IP67) also provides uncompromised protection against dust and water.

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Dorner logo SmartFlex Pallet System
Flexible conveyors with pallets for product routing and control 


Flexible conveyors with pallets for product routing and control

Dorner introduces new Pallet System Components for use on its 2200 SmartFlex® flexible chain conveyor platform that provides accurate positioning and routing of parts for assembly, robotic and inspection applications. The components, sold as completed assemblies or as kits, allow users to implement easy design changes to their conveyor systems, and offer versatile layout flexibility.


  • Accurate positioning and routing Ideal for assembly processes or inspection
  • Components sold as kits to allow for easy design changes and layout flexibility
  • Divert, Merge, and Merge & Divert Kits available
  • Lift & Locate stations

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IAI Logo LC-Ladder Programming Software    

Editing, simulation, monitoring, debugging

Controlling actuators with ROBO Cylinder position controllers used to require hard work to write ladder programs. PLC memory allocation needed to be considered, signals sent to the position controller, position numbers defined, and movements triggered with the correct timing. However, the LC-Ladder's DFC command makes programming simple, providing static allocation of internal memory and timing-free command sending.


The simple design cuts out rarely-used functions and focuses on operation.  All the functions you need to create and edit ladder software are included in this free software, letting you efficiently build your application.


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Animatics Moog logo MT Series Integrated Servo System

Multi-turn absolute encoder option


Moog Animatics now offers Multi Turn Absolute Encoder options for our "MT" series motors. This option is a hardware-specific internal change with a required external battery for back-up to allow tracking of shaft position when no power is being applied to the SmartMotor.


The "MT" series products may be ordered in kit form with battery and cable or as separate parts. There are three different cable length options for the battery; 1M, 2M and 3M. The battery itself attaches to the Limits with I/O connector of the MT series SmartMotors and uses the home switch input. Motor Kits are available in 23 and 34 Frame sizes


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* Please note that not all products may be available in Northern California region,
    but we encourage you to inquire with us for more information 


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