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Dynamic+Positioning+from+Ultrasonic+Sensor SD
Dynamic positioning of pneumatic cylinders


Servo-Pneumatic Systems

Infinitely variable control of pneumatic devices and pressure


Enfield Technologies has been providing advanced automation control solutions with their patented servo-pneumatic systems providing infinitely variable control of pneumatic devices such as air cylinders and pressure vessels. 


Position - Position control systems with infinite control-ability across a full actuator stroke and can smoothly follow a continuously changing position command. 


Pressure - Enfield's pressure control systems deliver superior static and dynamic performance pressure regulation.


Flow - With response times less than 3ms, the Enfield valves deliver smooth metering of the air or inert gas without pulsing. 


Force - Force control systems are exceptionally flexible, handling fragile and sensitive components with a compliant, human-like touch. They can also be configured for rigidity to provide pressing and holding forces more like hydraulics, but without the mess.


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CTC Logo Quikstep Automation Software    

Complex machine programming - Simplified


Rapidly moving your project from an idea to a highly integrated, world-class control system is the goal of Quickstep for Windows

Using Quickstep, your machine design team can program, debug, and tune the performance of your automated equipment in less time than ever before. Quickstep combines a clear language structure, a simple programming interface, and powerful diagnostic tools to allow you to respond quickly to new automation demands.

  • Accelerated and intuitive program development 
  • Efficient and easy-to-use programming interface
  • Powerful real-time diagnostics and monitoring


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Numatics Logo Fluid Automation Solutions for Food & Beverage

Unsurpassed performance and service life in Food and beverage processing plants worldwide


Numatics fluid power products have been on the job in food and beverage applications for more than 100 years. Today, Numatics provides superior fluid automation solutions for engineers, purchasers, and managers at original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), skid and panel builders, engineering houses, and leading food and beverage plants worldwide.


  • Processing - from mixing, stirring, sterilizing, and pasteurizing to filtering, dosing, and ensiling
  • Packaging - from filling, capping, labeling, and shrink wrapping to case erecting and palletizing
  • Infrastructure/utility - from boiler or compressor room to transport lines and comfort heating
  • Water/wastewater - from clean water supply to recycled discharges


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AseptiQuik STC

Single-use connections for Bioprocessing


AseptiQuik® STC Connectors integrate the AseptiQuik® sterile connector and the Steam-Thru® II SIP connector, giving manufacturers with even greater flexibility for hybrid stainless steel and single-use processing. The AseptiQuik STC connector combines either an AseptiQuik G or AseptiQuik C sterile connector with a Steam-Thru II connection that can be mounted directly to a stainless steel vessel via a sanitary termination.


The union of the two connectors into a single unit through a sanitary clamp allows an AseptiQuik sterile connection to be steamed on to stainless equipment via SIP.

  • Innovative AseptiQuik design reduces risk of operator error 
  • Genderless design for ease of integration
  • Robust construction with no additional hardware required
  • Patented Steam Valve design


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* Please note that not all products may be available in Northern California region,
    but we encourage you to inquire with us for more information 


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