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Selecting Fieldbus Manifolds: Three Things You Must Know
Selecting Fieldbus Manifolds: Three Things You Must Know

E+PLC100 - A Compact, Precision PLC

With the best in PID control and recording performance


E+PLC100 is a cleverly designed PID controller, recorder and PLC all in a compact, single box instrument with a 3.5" TFT color touchscreen.  


Using an open industry standard (IEC 61131-3) platform and a single, integrated programming environment, it dramatically reduces engineering time while offering better process performance and easier regulatory compliance.


Open PLC with easy control
and recording


Standard IEC 61131-3

- Single, integrated CODESyS

- Pre-validated, rapidly
   engineered function blocks

- Automatic tag recognition for
   display creation

Precision PID control in a PLC


- Single box solution
- Accurate, stable control
- Reduces process times
- Increases productivity
- Optimizes energy usage
- Improves quality

Secure recording in a PLC

- Easier regulatory compliance 
- Precision measurement of
   process variables 

- Secure data recording at point of

- Complete, accurate, traceable



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Piab logo piCOMPACT All-in-one Ejector Unit    

The world's fastest integrated control ejector


piCOMPACT is compact, "all-in-one" ejector family with integrated controls. It is a stackable platform with the possibility to mount several units in the same manifold and have common pneumatic and electrical connections.


By working at low feed pressure and maximizing the utilization rate of the compressed air, the COAX® ejectors reduce energy consumption for manufacturers while increasing productivity and reliability.


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LMI logo New Features Optimize the 3D Scanning Workflow

LMI Technologies release the latest version of
FlexScan3D software


LMI Technologies  announces the release of the next version of its 3D scanning software, FlexScan3D 3.3. This proprietary software is the 3D scanning engine that powers the company's line of HDI 3D Scanners. FlexScan3D 3.3 includes new features that optimize the scanning process. Building 3D models is now simplified and made more efficient, allowing users to complete the scanning portion of their project in a faster amount of time.


Enhancements include:

  • Easy Scan Automatically Determines the Best Exposure for an Object
  • Cut Plane Simplifies 3D Model Building
  • New Advanced Post-Processing Capabilities Include Interactive Hole Filling and Creating Water Tight Models


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Clippard logo Clippard SCPV Stepper Controlled Proportional Valves

High flow proportional valves


The SCPV incorporates the industry's most robust and powerful stepper powered linear actuator.  This actuator is used to control Clippard's proven needle valve technology.   

  Imagine the control of a needle valve with an ultrafine thread.  It is smooth, proportional, accurate, and stays in the position you leave it. Now, couple that with a stepper motor that gives you precision, speed, and is ultimately automated with any bipolar chopper drive you wish to use.


Anywhere there is a needle valve that is controlling the flow of gas, can now be remotely located, automated, monitored and automatically adjusted to meet whatever demand you have in your application.  


Four Advantages of the SCPV:

  1. System integration 
  2. Very low hysteresis 
  3. Low power consumption
  4. Specific flow curve capabilities exceeding 500 LPM


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Cognex In-Sight EasyBuilder and Spreadsheets
4-Day Training
Santa Ana, CA - April 29 - May 2, 2014


This 4-day class prepares students for programming and implementing a Cognex In-Sight vision system using the EasyBuilder interface and the Spreadsheet programming environments.


The class features both EasyBuilder and Spreadsheet applications and an introduction to round trip application development.

* Please note that not all products may be available in Northern California region,
    but we encourage you to inquire with us for more information 


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