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Ultra-compact Servo Motors
Numatics Mobile App
NEW DataMan 8050 Handheld ID Reader
Power Cylinder Offers 10x Force

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Tolomatic - Ball / Beam Electric Linear Actuator
Tolomatic - Ball / Beam Electric Linear Actuator

Yaskawa motion control Sigma-5 Mini Servo    

Ultra-small brushless servo motors


High dynamics and precision in smallest dimensions, has always been a demand in mechanical engineering.  Yaskawa provides ultra compact servo motors, the Sigma-5 Mini Series.  With a flange diameter comparable to a penny, it allows a variety of applications with servo motors in small spaces.


Yaskawa's Sigma-5 Series super compact AC servomotor SGMMV use limited space effectively and help reduce device footprints offering models ranging from 3.3W to 30W.  The Sigma-5 servo system fits in motion applications demanding ultra small motors, high accuracy and fast positioning.


  • Two flange sizes (15mm and 25mm) 
  • 24VDC and 48 VDC inputs
  • High resolution 17-bit (131,072 pulses/revolution) absolute value serial encoder
  • High speed (rated speed 3000 rpm and maximum speed 6000 rpm) improves device takt time


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Numatics Logo Numatics Introduces Mobile App    

Cylinder sizing and conversion tools in the palm of your hand


Numatics  has introduced a mobile application for iPhone and Android Devices. The application, available by searching "Numatics" within either the Apple App or Google Play store, allows the user to download the mobile app at no charge. The Numatics mobile app features the Numatics Actuator Sizing Tool, which enables customers to accurately calculate the optimum product for their application. In addition, the tool quickly and accurately sizes Numatics cylinders of the following types; Double Acting Single Rod, Double Acting Double Rod and Rodless.


The Numatics mobile app also features an interactive Conversion tool that quickly converts between metric and imperial values. It includes nine conversion calculators for Area, Energy, Flow, Length, Pressure, Temperature, Velocity, Volume and Weight.


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Cognex logo DataMan 8050 Handheld Industrial ID Barcode Reader

NEW High speed 1-D and 2-D handheld barcode reader


DataMan 8050 barcode readers bring Cognex's patented algorithms to a new, lightweight industrial handheld platform.  DataMan 8050 reads 1-D and 2-D barcodes with incredible speed every time even if it's damaged, smudged, scuffed or poorly marked.  And, at an economical price point.


Modular Design Easily Adapts to Meet Your Needs

With field interchangeable communications modules, one reader can be configured to meet specific communication needs. Available with both corded and wireless modules.


Rugged Industrial Design

The DataMan 8050 barcode reader is constructed to handle the harshest environments.  Other industrial features include: lanyard hook for easy retractor mounting, bright centralized aimer for clear targeting, loud beeper and indicator lights provide operator feedback.

DeStaco Pneumatic Power Cylinder

Wedge lever provides up to 10x force at end-of-stroke


The DE-STA-CO Pneumatic Power Cylinder can provide over 13,000lbf (60kN) of rod force in a simple double acting pneumatics-only package. Operation is based on the wedge lever principle. These double acting cylinders feature two steps of stroke: the forward stroke to move a certain distance and the power stroke with an amplified force on a short (6-7mm) distance. 


The rod force in the range of the forward stroke is that of a traditional pneumatic cylinder; the rod force in the range of the power stroke features a mechanical advantage of up to 10:1. The pneumatic power cylinder is ideally suited as the power source for tools and devices for the following applications:


  • Clamping 
  • Punching
  • Stamping
  • Notching
  • Coining
  • Riveting
  • Pressing
  • Clinching
Series K features a round bore design with male rod end. Series WK features a round bore design with a female ISO fit rod end. Series WR is a rectangular design with two guided piston rods to prevent twisting.

* Please note that not all products may be available in Northern California region,
    but we encourage you to inquire with us for more information 


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