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6-Axis SCARA Robots
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piGRAB - The Gentle Grabber

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Piab's piGRAB -- Simplify your engineering
Piab's piGRAB -- Simplify your engineering


piGRAB is a new and completely unique gripper/grabber 

concept with vacuum as the source


IAI Logo 6-Axis SCARA Robots    

Off-the-shelf SCARA Robots for every application


IAI offers Best of Class variety of off-the-shelf SCARA robot models. With a current maximum horizontal reach of 800 mm and a maximum vertical reach of 300 mm, the IX Series SCARA robots features a maximum payload capability of 10 kg and a maximum speed of over 7000 mm per second.


16 new SCARA models, including cleanroom, water resistant and wall mount version in strokes ranging from 250mm to 800mm means that  integrating the IX SCARA robots into your design and application is now easier than ever!

  • Maximum speed of 7121mm/sec
  • Minimum cycle time less than 0.5 seconds
  • Minimum positioning repeatability of ±0.015 mm
  • Vertical axis with 200 or 300 mm stroke and 360° rotation
  • Maximum rated payload of 10 kgFull interpolated path motion capability


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Cognex logo Vision Systems with Autofocus Technology    

Integrated autofocus for the In-Sight 7010 Series


The rugged In-Sight® 7010 vision system offers integrated autofocus technology for delivering the most accurate and reliable inspections on the fastest production lines in the harshest, most demanding environments.  


You can easily set and save the optimal focus values associated with the inspection of each part on your line. This autofocus feature simplifies set up and is ideal for production situations requiring regular part changes or projects that require the vision system to be placed in hard-to-reach spaces.


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Clippard logo GV-GTV Series High Flow Poppet Valves    

Pioneering miniature pneumatic technology


Clippard's GV series valves offer a bubble tight design with high flow rates.  These compact 2-way and 3-way valves are offered in 1/4" NPT and 3/8" push-quick ports along with a cartridge mounted version.  With Clippard's versatile 15/32-32 nose thread, a large variety of buttons and valve actuators can be used with the GV stem operated valves.  


The GTV series are toggle valves with panel mount capabilities.  The outlet ports on all GV valves can be easily positioned to any orientation for mounting convenience.

  • Will accept a variety of manual, air pilot, electrical or mechanical actuators
  • Small, compact size, lightweight
  • Design flexibility and fast response
  • Stainless steel stems and springs for corrosion resistance


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Piab logo piGRAB - The Gentle Grabber    

The most cost efficient alternative to mechanical grippers 


piGRAB is a vacuum based gripping tool. Since it is vacuum based the gripping/clamping force is softer than when using a pneumatic gripper. The big advantage is that you can grab sensitive items for applications like; Vision guided Bin-picking, pallet lifting, gentle handling of parts such as glass or fruits without risking breakage or damaging by the force of the grip. 


This vacuum activated gripper/grabber is suitable for gentle and compliant gripping operations as well as locking/holding.  It is easy to fine-tune the gripping torque/force by controlling the vacuum level. piSAVE optimize and piSAVE on/off are excellent products for vacuum level control.

* Please note that not all products may be available in Northern California region,
    but we encourage you to inquire with us for more information 


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